The school year is officially underway, which means most of us are currently learning how to fend for ourselves. Between attempting to make a meal like mom and figuring out how to grocery shop, feeding yourself can be a little overwhelming. But eating delicious food whenever you want shouldn't be complicated, which is why you need to know about the newest delivery service in the Lansing and East Lansing area, Mr. Delivery. 

1. Each location is locally owned and operated

The people who work at Mr. Delivery know and love the Lansing and East Lansing area, so they are dedicated to providing the best service. Since they know the area so well, they have partnered with all of our favorite local places, like Georgios Gourmet Pizza and Woodys Oasis.

2. They are a delivery service that uses an actual phone number

You don't have to rely on sending an email to get your food (which they also use). Yummy, hot food is just a phone call away, and it guarantees that you will be talking to a real live human if you have particular ordering instructions (like ordering a vegan option from Taco Bell).

3. They have over 80 restaurant partners

James Jabara

Their range of available restaurants guarantees that you can satisfy any food craving with restaurants ranging from McAlister's Deli to Menchies Frozen Yogurt to El Azteco and many more.

4. They will deliver food you would otherwise have to brave the elements for

Mr. Delivery is partnered with some restaurants that otherwise can't be delivered like Denny's and Taco Bell. They don't mind the rain or snow if it means getting you delicious food.

5. Their website is simple and easy to navigate

Their page is straight to the point (a.k.a. getting you great food) which is perfect since no one wants to figure out a website that's as confusing as their calculus midterm.

6. They can get you your order in 45-60 minutes

This means amazing food is on its way to your door while you binge an episode and a half of Stranger Things

7. They are active on their social media accounts

They have an online presence to stay in touch with what their customers want, which makes them "not a regular delivery service, but a cool delivery service."

8. They offer a wide variety of choices and organize their website by cuisine

James Jabara

It's so easy to quickly find any specific food preference you have in mind like Mac 'n' Cheese, Locally Owned Locations, Vegan, or Cupcakes.

9. The service at Mr. Delivery is extra friendly

A little kindness goes a long way, and Mr. Delivery is committed to service with a smile. 

10. It's good for our favorite restaurants, too

Their partnerships with local restaurants help to get their delicious food to your doorstep, which means you can support their business without ever leaving your room.   

11. Best of all, Mr. Delivery loves MSU students and wants to help to keep your stomach (and wallet) full:

James Jabara

Recently, Mr. Delivery was kind enough to cater our Spoon meeting. They demonstrated their incredible service and provided a variety of tasty food from some of our favorite Lansing restaurants like Falsetta's Casa Nova, Boston's Gourmet Pizza, and Swagath Indian. After experiencing their awesome generosity, we're excited to share a special deal for the students of MSU;

Use code: SpoonMSU for $5 off any order until the end of the year! 

Learning how to be a real adult can be tough. Thankfully the people at Mr. Delivery are dedicated to making adulthood a little easier by bringing you the best food with a side of genuine kindness.