TikTok has become the new outlet for innovation and a place of inspiration for entrepreneurs. Over the pandemic, tons of businesses developed from social media popularity. We had the controversial Pink Sauce, Ya Boy Chamoy, and  hundreds of slime businesses. But a viral trend from 2021 is now resurfacing thanks to a new business venture.

You'll probably remember pancake cereal from a few years. The popular trend had people on TikTok whipping up some pancake batter and dolloping mini versions into a skillet. After a flip, they filled a bowl with their tiny pancakes and topped with maple syrup and butter.

Image by Belgian Boys

Inspired by the breakfast trend, European food company Belgian Boys have produced a limited edition Pancake Cereal. They look just like all the tiny pancakes from 2021, but without all the effort. Think Cookie Crisp, but pancake edition. The innovative breakfast  is releasing today, January 30th, in Targets nationwide. The Pancake Cereal retails for $5.79. While the trend itself was cute, the work it took to cook lots of mini pancakes wasn’t worth it. Now, you can still get a taste of the trend without the labor. The Belgian Boys Pancake Cereal is also a quick fix to a chaotic morning. Simply pop it in a microwave and take it on the go without worrying about spilling milk in a bowl.