Drop all your healthy New Year's resolutions—Milka just came out with a new Oreo snack product. It's an Oreo-chocolate mix that was just released this month. What a way to start the year.

Milka Oreo-choco mix is a beautiful combination of mini Chocolate Oreos, mini Golden Oreos, candy-coated chocolate pieces, and Milka chocolate candy buttons, according to Convenience Store News. I don't know if it can add anything else to make it better. Like I said, forget about your healthy New Year's resolutions. You'll want to try this.

The new mouth-watering snack comes as a final addition to Milka's Oreo product line. We couldn't stop drooling over the Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar and Oreo Chocolate Crunch Bar, which were released in November. And this Oreo-inspired trail mix just gave us all the feels. 

The new product was spotted by JunkBanter at Walmart. So if you're on the hunt for this sweet snack, check there first. From what we know, it's about $3.69 for a 6.1 ounce bag and is available nationwide. Start your new year off right with a nice run...all the way to Walmart.