America's favorite cookie JUST got better. If you thought curling up on your couch with a sleeve of Double Stuf Oreos and a glass of milk was the ultimate snacking experience, you might want to hop off that couch and get you one of these. 

In partnership with Milka, a Swiss chocolate company now owned by Oreo's parent company, Oreo is releasing two new chocolate candy bars: Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar and Oreo Big Crunch Bar. 

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Kelly Logan

As we know, the cookie-candy bar combination isn't new (lookin' at you, Twix), but we've never seen our beloved chocolate cookie and smooth, velvet-y creme match-made-in-heaven like this before. 

The first chocolate-candy bar, which is literally just called "Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar," comes in three different sizes (1.44-ounce, 2.88-ounce, and 3.52-ounce), and is filled with Oreo creme and chocolate cookie bits, all encased in velvet-y Milka chocolate.

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Photo courtesy of YouTube

The Oreo Big Crunch Bar, however, is a whopping 10.5 ounces and is "meant to be shared" but c'mon—every chocolate-lover for themselves. This bar is a solid layer of Oreo cookie which is "sandwiched by Oreo creme and coated on both sides by milk chocolate," according to Eater

You can pick up your new favorite chocolate-candy bar in stores today, but it is expected to be sold everywhere candy bars can be found by January 2017, so no need to stock up—but we won't judge if you do.