We've all been there....Your best friend's birthday is quickly approaching and you have no idea what to get them. Picking out the perfect present can be difficult, but if you want to send food, then look no further than Milk Bar.

This NYC staple has by far the best birthday treats. From cake to cookies to truffles, there is no shortage for options to send. Milk Bar was so amazing and sent us some treats to try out here at Spoon Cuse, and we can assure you that your friends will LOVE anything you decide to send! 


Elizabeth Goldish

First things first, the cake!!! This treat is the real deal. Vanilla cake with sprinkles everywhere, topped with buttercream and even more sprinkles and cake crumbs, there is nothing you won't love here. It's the perfect balance of sweet and colorful and every bite is more delicious than the next. 


Elizabeth Goldish

So your friend isn't a fan of cake....How about cookies? The assorted cookie tin comes with 1 Compost Cookie (legit heaven in a cookie), 1 Cornflake-Marshmallow-Chocolate-Chip Cookie, 1 Corn Cookie, 1 Blueberry & Cream Cookie, 1 Chocolate-Chocolate Cookie, and 1 Confetti Cookie. With so many flavor options, there's something for everyone to enjoy. 

Birthday Cake Truffles

Elizabeth Goldish

Last but not least, the cake truffles. These are my absolute favorite and I wish I could have them everyday. Not only are they a crowd pleaser, but they have that birthday cake feel without actually being a cake. They come in a dozen per box, so if you like to share, maybe get more than one....Without a doubt this treat will make anyone's day. 

It's not a shock that sending food for someone's birthday will brighten their day. For those moments when you don't know what to send, Milk Bar has all of the perfect treats, and you can be sure that anyone will love them!