Welcome to Spoon Marquette! We're a team of avid foodies who love writing, marketing and photography. We've got different tastes, but are all Golden Eagles at heart. 

Read on to find out a little about us and our favorite eats, recipes and restaurants around Milwaukee. 

Shannon Staunton, Marketing Director

Shannon Staunton

Year: Junior

Areas of study: Advertising, Marketing 

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: I'm a sucker for eggs Benedict, so I'd have to say Cafe Hollander.

Weirdest flavor combo: Cauliflower rice & Sriracha.

Favorite thing to make: If I have a sweet tooth, I'll make some cookie dough, but I also love making a week's worth of granola. I love it so much that I sometimes eat spoonfuls of it before I put it in the oven.

Jennifer Walter, Editorial Director 

tea, coffee, beer, wine
Jennifer Walter

Year: Sophomore

Areas of study: Journalism, German, Computer Science 

Favorite Milwaukee Restaurant: Thainamite. Every time I go to the Public Market, I tell myself I'm going to try something new, but I always end up with sushi or pad thai.

Weirdest flavor combo: Hash browns and syrup. My friends were grossed out when I did this in the dining hall once.

Favorite thing to make: Buffalo quinoa bites. I found this recipe on Pinterest ages ago and still use it. They take a while to make, but are absolutely delicious and I'll usually cook enough to last a week or more.

Sophie Bolich, Photo Director 

Sophie Bolich

Year: Freshman

Areas of study: Journalism

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: Goodkind

Weirdest flavor combo: Sweet potatoes and peanut butter.

Favorite thing to make: Granola! There’s so many different combinations, it’s impossible to get bored.

Emma Spring, Writer

Emma Spring

Year: Junior

Areas of Study: Journalism, Digital Media 

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: Kopps

Weirdest flavor combo: A fine cheese board with honey to dip.

Favorite thing to make: Sunday brunch, pancakes, hash browns, bacon, coffee and/or mimosas depending on the week...the whole shabang.

Claire McDonald, Marketer

beer, water
Claire McDonald

Year: Senior

Areas of study: Public Relations, Spanish 

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: The Wicked Hop...their grilled cheese with avocado and bacon will straight up give you a new perspective on life.

Weirdest flavor combo: Pepperoni bagel bites topped with crushed red peppers and ranch.

Favorite thing to make: Spaghetti squash with pesto, chicken and veggies (asparagus, spinach, tomatoes and onion to be specific).

Mary Hanson, Photographer

Mary Hanson

Year: Sophomore 

Areas of study: Psychology, Women and Gender Studies

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: BelAir Cantina

Weirdest flavor combo: I love putting cinnamon in my coffee. That's not very "weird", but let me tell you, it is damn delightful and the best I've got. 

Favorite thing to make: I am shamelessly in love with making a good old grilled cheese. Sometimes I like to jazz it up with avocado, tomato, bacon, you name it. It's an art, really.

Rachael Tank, Writer

wine, tea, cake, pizza
Rachael Tank

Year: Junior

Areas of study: Journalism, Writing Intensive English 

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: Benelux. They have the best food for any meal. I highly recommend the Cinnamon Streusel French Toast.

Weirdest flavor combo: Peanut butter and Oreos. It's a Parent Trap fan favorite and definitely one of my weaknesses.

Favorite thing to make: Energy Bites are definitely my favorite thing to make. As a peanut butter addict, I like to figure out different ways to eat it and the bites are super easy to make.

Colleen Lee, Marketer

Colleen Lee

Year: Senior

Areas of study: Public Relations, Advertising 

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: Cafe Hollander

Weirdest flavor combo: Deconstructed caramel apple mix with sliced up apples, peanut butter, and chocolate chips.. add a little caramel for a wild bonus!

Favorite thing to make: Spaghetti squash with olive oil, shrimp, parmesan cheese, sautéed veggies (spinach, onion, peppers) and pesto.

Mason McNicol, Photographer

Mason McNicol

Year: Freshman

Areas of study: Advertising, Digital Media, Photography

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: La Fuente Mexican Restaurant, I always order the Papi Peppers with chicken and a Chicken Chimichanga!

Weirdest flavor combo: I dip pretty much everything in ranch. There aren’t many foods I wouldn’t dip in ranch.

Favorite thing to make: I am the average college student and eat Ramen Noodles just like everyone else, but I love to add a little bit of hot sauce for a kick.

Meghan Rock, Writer

pizza, beer, coffee, tea
Meghan Rock

Year: Freshman

Areas of study: Journalism

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: Calderone Club. Every time I go, I spend ten minutes debating on specials, but then when it's my turn to order, I pick my go-to, the homemade the lobster ravioli.

Weirdest flavor combo: Bush’s Homestyle Baked Beans with chopped hot dog hotdogs. My friends tell me it's “old people food,” but ever since trying this combination at Kindercare as a child, I’ve been addicted.

Favorite thing to make: Yogurt Parfait with vanilla greek yogurt, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, peanut butter granola and a scoop of peanut butter. At home, either cake pops or pasta with pesto.

Diana Mandujano, Marketer

tea, soup
Diana Mandujano

Year: Freshman

Areas of study: Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: The National Café. It's such a cute little restaurant with tasty food and friendly staff. 

Weirdest flavor combo: French fries with ice cream. 

Favorite thing to make: PB&J because it's quick and delicious.

Nicole Nelson, Photographer

Nicole Nelson

Year: Sophomore 

Areas of study: Public Relations, Entrepreneurship 

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: St. Paul Fish Company at the Public Market. They have the best mussels. After your meal, the market also has a great dessert place (because I can never say no to red velvet cake).

Weirdest flavor combo: I don’t know if it’s weird but I put garlic on everything... like EVERYTHING.

Favorite thing to make: I love making homemade pizza, the dough and everything! My favorites are classic pepperoni and cheese or Margherita.

Jenny Whidden, Writer

Jenny Whidden

Year: Freshman

Areas of study: Journalism, Spanish

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: Pizza Shuttle. Try their frickles or ice cream! Or, let's be honest, both.

Weirdest flavor combo: Peanut butter and syrup. The combo is dynamite in a sandwich with sliced bananas.

Favorite thing to make: Rice. I absolutely adore my rice maker in my dorm, her name is Selena. 

Jessica Fedran, Marketer

tea, cake
Jessica Fedran

Year: Senior

Areas of study: Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: BelAir Cantina

Weirdest flavor combo: French fries and vanilla ice cream from McDonalds.

Favorite thing to make: Baked zucchini.

Weirdest flavor combo: Applesauce on waffles.

Favorite thing to make: Waffles, at the dorm (with cereal on top).

Kayla Martin, Marketer

Kayla Martin

Year: Freshman

Areas of study: Advertising, Marketing, French

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: Sobelman's...how can you not love it there?

Weirdest flavor combo: I love peanut butter and Oreos. You wouldn't think it's odd but everyone makes fun of me for it.

Favorite thing to make: I love trying different teas; they're super easy to make in the microwave, good for you and yummy!

Maddy Rinn, Writer

beer, tea
Madison Rinn

Year: Junior

Areas of study: Public Relations

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: Story Hill BKC or BelAir Cantina

 Weirdest flavor combo: Ice cream and fries.

Favorite thing to make: Zoodles! (zucchini noodles)

Leah Janson, Marketer

coffee, wine
Leah Janson

Year: Junior

Areas of study: Advertising, Digital Media

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: I LOVE Café Hollander. I think that their brunch is just to die for. If you ever get a chance to check out the one on Downer Ave, get the Berry Basil French Toast. I promise you won’t regret it.

Weirdest flavor combo: Grilled cheese and Marinara as dipping sauce. Some people go with tomato soup or ketchup, but marinara is the perfect pairing because it doesn’t make the grilled cheese soggy like t-soup does, and it’s not as sweet as ketchup. Try it sometime… and then let me know what you think. This combo or pizza and ranch. More people should make that a thing. 

Favorite thing to make: I live in an apartment now, so having a full kitchen comes in pretty handy. But I love making omelets on a Saturday morning after a long night out. My go-to ingredient list is this: three eggs, bacon, onion, spinach and a mix of mild cheddar and parmesan (seems weird I know but hear me out). It’s the best breakfast meal, especially when you have some fresh cut fruit and iced coffee to go with it.

Madison Hicks, Marketer

Madison Hicks

Year: Freshman

Areas of study: Public Relations, Spanish

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: The Wicked Hop. I live a pro-condiment lifestyle and their Carolina Gold sauce will rock your world on anything you can order. On the weekend they have brunch almost all day.

Weirdest flavor combo: Sriracha and Mayo. My homies judge me all the time when I make this in the dining hall, but after trying it they always make it to dip their fries (preferably curly) in.

Favorite thing to make: Avocado toast on gluten free bread with olive oil, goat cheese, and cherry tomatoes. (It's not very dorm-conducive but it's too legit to quit).

Nora Godoy-Gonzalez, Marketer

coffee, tea, beer, pizza
Nora Godoy-Gonzalez

Year: Freshman

Areas of study: Public Relations, Spanish

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: Stone Bowl Grill

Weirdest flavor combo: popcorn with ketchup.

Favorite thing to make: different kinds of soups. 

Jessica Belcher, Marketer

Jessica Belcher

Year: Junior

Areas of study: Advertising, Marketing

Favorite Milwaukee restaurant: AJ Bombers and Buca Di Beppo

Favorite weird flavor combo: Ever since I was little I’ve always enjoyed fruit and cottage cheese. Many people don’t like the sweetness of the combination and put onions in it instead of fruit.

Favorite recipe: Stuffed green peppers with cheese must be the best thing I have ever made. It takes a little time to make, but it can be prepped the day before.

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