Every college student knows the struggle that comes with finding healthy, filling meals that are easy to make on campus. You could go to the dining halls, but if yours is anything like mine, you have no idea where those ingredients are coming from. You could make something yourself, but that involves going to the grocery store and trying to restrain yourself from buying all the junk food in sight. Let's be real, that's a serious challenge. Plus, going to the grocery store is a major pain.

That's why Spoon is partnering with Chef’d to bring you the most amazing, healthy package of meals that will come right to your dorm.

beer, coffee
Rachel Linder

Okay, but maybe you have some questions about this Spoon University meal plan that sounds like every foodie’s dream in box form. Well, I have the answers. 

So, what's even inside this meal-kit? 

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Rachel Linder

First, let me just explain the excitement I felt when this box of goodies arrived at my door. I saw the UPS man pull into my driveway and sprinted to the door to get my hands on it.

Inside you’ll find the ingredients for three different meals - AKA everything you need besides basic pots and pans. It’s amazing, they don’t assume that you have anything in your kitchen, so you’re completely set to go as soon as it arrives. Each dish also makes two servings, so you can split the box with your roommate or housemates (which makes it even cheaper). They provided me with two bottles of Coke as well cause you’ve gotta have something to wash down your amazing dishes.

linguine, salad, chicken, spinach, pasta
Rachel Linder

Every box has different meals depending on the week, but mine had overnight oats, a linguine dish with kale, and a greek shrimp farro bowl. 

Okay, but really, how easy is it?

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Rachel Linder

No matter if you’re a little cooking challenged or the next Bobby Flay, this package is perfect for you. Every box comes with the proper meal cards, so you can follow the recipe step-by-step and create your masterpieces for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Throwback to the best morning ever, when I woke up to these killer overnight oats

Not to mention, each recipe card has the difficulty level right on there, so you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into. But, all the recipes are totally doable and mine looked like they could be on the cover of Bon Appétit Magazine (somehow). 
shrimp, salad
Rachel Linder

I’m sold. How do I get my hands on one of these right now?

You’re in luck fellow college foodie because you can pre-order one of these Spoon U meal-kits for only $89. Each week Chef'd will announce the meals, but have no fear, if you don't want something in it you can sub it out or cancel it all together and you won't be charged. So, head to the Chef'd website right now and place your order.