Everyone’s favorite lifestyle and culinary expert Martha Stewart has now added comedy to her list of ventures. In her Instagram post yesterday, she flaunted the stunning dishes she had prepared over the weekend and responded to a commenter with some spice.

In the commenter's defense, Stewart posted an artfully-crafted pasta dish and bakery-quality cake, claiming playfully that she merely “cooked and baked a bit this weekend.”

Stewart went on to describe the dishes in greater detail as “[l]inguine with lemon and parmesan topped with a bit of @roecaviar” and “a dense pound cake scented with lemon, Armagnac and glazed with a butter sugar.” Way to flex, Martha.

Like most people when they saw this post, one commenter was amazed at Stewart’s casual approach to the restaurant-quality dishes she simply whipped up over the weekend. The Instagram user replied to the post with a snarky remark: “Martha pulls out the caviar like the rest of us pull out the queso dip.”

Instead of merely scrolling past the comment, Stewart decided to respond in that cheeky way of hers, asking, “What’s queso dip?”

Now, you might be wondering, does Martha Stewart know what queso is? Has she evolved past the cheese dip we all know and love? Does she need to visit her local Mexican restaurant ASAP? While the answer to the last question is likely yes, because everyone loves a good Mexican meal, it’s clear that Stewart is trolling as she does best.

However, some were so concerned that the culinary icon truly didn’t know what queso is that they rifled through her social media profiles to find any hints that would point in the direction of queso knowledge. And, of course, the verdict is that Stewart does know what queso dip is, as evidenced by her post back in February 2021 about how to keep the ultimate Super Bowl snack silky throughout the game. (Hint: Use a slow cooker.)

While Stewart’s queso debacle is quite cheesy in and of itself, it teaches a good lesson: you’re never too old to have fun, laugh at yourself, and enjoy life (and food) to the fullest.