I know like many of my fellow red foxes that if you want to eat something that tastes great it's very close to home campus. As I enter junior year in pursuit of finishing my undergraduate degree, I've come to love the many small places that aren't seen on maps that rock my taste buds and are friendly to a college student's budget.

To any incoming freshman or visitor to campus, here's a guide to all things food and drink in the Hudson Valley.

1. When you're craving a burger/the munchies at 2 am: Palace Diner

meat, chicken, sauce, vegetable, parsley, rice
David Zambuto

Not only is Palace Diner open 24 hours a day, it also has about anything you want to eat. They have those traditional boxes that will play songs for a quarter each, providing you with a welcoming atmosphere.

What to order: I'd recommend the mac n' cheese bites, any of the milkshakes (the Oreo milkshake is one to try before you graduate), any of the brunch food for breakfast, and anything from the dessert menu. 

Location: 194 Washington St, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 (14 minute walk from the center of campus)

2. When you're doing it for Insta: Eveready Diner

avocado, chicken, tacos
David Zambuto

This diner was featured on Food Network on one of the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives episodes.  They also give student discounts if you have your student ID with you.

What to order: As a Marist student that regularly visits, I'd recommend the chicken tacos, the banana and chocolate chip pancakes as well as any of the milkshakes. 

Location: 4184 Albany Post Rd, Hyde Park, NY 12538

3. When you're craving pizza: Gia's Pizza

pizza, cheese, mozzarella, crust, dough, pepperoni, sauce
David Zambuto

This small pizza place is a favorite among Marist Students and serves slices of delicious pizza for reasonable prices. 

What to order: Featured here is the famous bacon, chicken, ranch pizza. My other favorite type of pizza is the margarita pizza. 

 Location: 264 North Rd Poughkeepsie, NY 12601. 

4. When you're craving Thai Cuisine: Pad Mango

shrimp, pad thai, rice, prawn, peanut, sauce
Vivian Wang

Just a brief walk from campus is the beloved Pad Mango that offers authentic and enjoyable Asian Cuisine. They have everything from Pad Thai to Thai Iced to fried bananas and more. 

What to order: The Pad Thai and Thai Ice Tea are a great combo to order. I'd recommend going here for lunch as they offer a great lunch special. But anything on the menu will satisfy your taste buds. 

Location: 11 Marist Dr, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

5. When you're craving something sweet: Apple Pie Bakery, Culinary Institute of America 

cake, sweet, chocolate, pastry, cream, candy, pie, bread
Molly Gamache

What to order: The Apple Pie Bakery offers affordable and delicious sandwiches, salads, and desserts. Because anything you order is from the future chefs in training, you're bound for a treat whether its a sandwich, salad, or dessert. For drinks, they serve great hot and iced beverages. Their traditional apple cider is the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of fall.

Location: 1946 Campus Dr, Hyde Park, NY 12538

6. When you're craving Italian: Rossi Rosticceria Deli

Sally Kishi

Marist's love for Rossi's is evident everywhere on campus and any mention of the name will create a large mass asking where one can find a sandwich of any kind nearby. Also if you love Italy and want to practice Italian the servers here will reply in Italian back. 

What to order: I'd recommend getting a custom order with mozzarella, pesto, chicken and sun dried tomatoes with a side order of cream soda. The menu changes everyday so no order is a bad choice. 

Location: 45 S Clover St, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

7. When you need to grab lunch for under $10 between classes: Lola's Cafe

Near the Walkway on the Hudson, which is the world's largest pedestrian bridge you can walk across, lies Lola's Cafe. Lola's serves delicious and wholesome food produced from local, organic ingredients from the valley.
steak, salad, tuna, pork, meat
Lauren Picone

What to order: I'd recommend trying the chocolate cream pie, the peanut noodles, and any of the sandwiches.

Location: 131 Washington Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

8. When You're craving Mediterranean Food: Cosimo's Trattoria

Wood fired brick ovens, tuscan fare with a New World twist and, featuring a variety of fresh ingredients and local Hudson Valley products, Cosimo's is a brief walk away and offers students and their families delicious food for reasonable prices.

tomato, sauce
Vivian Wang

What to order: I'd recommend the Calzones, Pasta and Pizza. Perfect place to go for parents weekend.

Location: 120 Delafield Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

9. When you're craving Italian Food: Giacomo's Pizza

Across the street from campus lies the perfect pizza place. Giacomo's pizza is must eat pizza and is numerously consumed by Marist Students.

tomato, cheese, mozzarella, vegetable
Lauren Picone

What to order: I'd recommend the pizza hands down but the pasta dishes are also great selections as well. It's italian, its all good. 

10.  When you're craving sandwiches and wraps: Red Fox Eatery 

Student budget friendly, recipes that are Italian inspired, marist themed items for red foxes and items for meals everyday, Red Fox Eatery is must go to place. The walls of the place are covered in Marist photos so you know its a must go to place. 

meat, beef, bread, gyro
Ashly Kim

What to order: I'd recommend the sandwiches for lunch, the traditional american food when you need a break from home cooking and the dining hall and dessert when you want something sweet.

Location: 11 Marist Dr, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

11. When you're craving deli food: Campus Deli

Need a quick bite to eat? Try Campus Deli that's across the street from campus. They offer foods ranging from hearty breakfasts to deli sandwiches that are worth your buck.

sandwich, lettuce, chicken, tomato, turkey, salad, vegetable
Camilla Caffo

What to order: I'd recommend selecting different toppings for a super filling deli sandwich or getting a hot breakfast item from the menu.

Location: 11 Marist Dr, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

12. When you're parents are visiting and footing the bill: Shadows on the Hudson

Want an iconic view of the Hudson Valley bridge and river to dine with your special someone? Visit Shadows on the Hudson.

What to order: I'd recommend the Pan Roasted Salmon with whole grain dijon-maple glaze and roasted vegetable succotash and as dessert their flowerless chocolate cake. 

Location: 176 Rinaldi Blvd. Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

13. When you're craving something fancy: Crave

Want to impress a special someone? Or fancy something you can get at a five star restaurant? Eat at Crave where you'll crave for more.

What to order: For lunch or dinner, I'd recommend the most popular dish the Pork Cheek Pot Au Feu with marble potato, baby carrots, turnip and cippolini onions. For dessert, I'd recommend the granny smith sorbet with butterscotch pudding and granola. Both dishes are perfect for when you want to celebrate something special with someone special. 

Location: 129 Washington St, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

14. When you're craving Asian Cuisine: Hyde Park Oriental Market 

Filipino, Thai, Korean or something else? Want to get snacks traditionally found in Hawaii? Hyde Park Oriental Market has everything you need. 

rice, curry, chicken
Jamelia Thompson

There are snacks, drinks and food for a variety of Asian Cuisines and cultures. 

Location:  419 Violet Ave, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601