Fermented foods these days are easy to find. You can buy them at the grocery store or you can pick up a jar and make them yourself.

Fermentation is a process that creates bacteria culture, and our gut needs bacteria to thrive. Fermented foods are filled with probiotic bacteria that help your gut stay healthy and keep it feeling great. 

With summer coming to an end and school starting soon, sneak in just one more chance to try a new food project. Yes, even jump on the sourdough bandwagon because it's fermented and has all the healthy bacteria your gut needs!

Try these five foods to make your gut happy and keep you smiling.

1) Kombucha 

Kombucha is a fermented tea. It has the health benefits from tea like antioxidants and additional health benefits from its fermented culture. Try swapping your regular tea or soda for a nice, cold kombucha. Check out this article on 3 brands you'll love

2) Sauerkraut

sauerkraut, mustard, sausage, hot dog, sandwich, pork
Shannon Carney

This fermented cabbage tastes delicious and can top just about everything. Hot dogs, burgers, salads, avocado toast, you name it! Its sweet and tangy flavor is quite the compliment to any star of the show. It is so good you might want to sneak a jar of it into the dining hall.

3) Fermented Mustard

mustard, bread
Hannah Skriloff

Not all mustards are created equal. Most mustards are not fermented, however, fermented mustard is a delicacy if you can find it. Don't feel down if you can't because it's the perfect excuse to make it yourself! Check out Nourished Kitchen's recipe on how to make it yourself. 

4) Sourdough

flour, dough, bread, dairy product, milk, wheat
Rica Beltran

Its a summer 2020 trend and rightfully so for its plentiful health properties and deliciousness. Fermented yeast used to make sourdough bread contains healthy antioxidants and bacteria. Lather some jam on sourdough toast, make your favorite sandwich or simply eat it plain. 

5) Miso

soup, miso soup, broth, vegetable
Judy Holtz

It is more than your favorite appetizer at your local sushi restaurant. Miso is made from fermented soybeans and reaps all the benefits of fermented food. Try making your own miso soup by buying miso powder or paste and add in some tofu and seaweed. 

Now Go Explore!

Focusing on keeping your gut healthy can be tough, especially when juggling classes, work and activities. Adding these five foods to your diet is an easy way to step up your game. Try one and see what you think. They might surprise you with their seemingly magical gut healing powers- maybe all five will be in your pantry soon!