Penn State has four seasons: winter, spring, summer and football. And football means tailgates. Saturdays are filled with lots of good food, drinks and chicken baskets. All of these choices can quickly add up to the freshman 15 or sadly, the sophomore 30.

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Learn how to navigate the tailgates and with a few quick tips, you can still fly high during the touchdown toss. 

1. Eat a protein-filled breakfast

A solid breakfast will fuel you through game day (until you get to the tailgates, of course). Options like oatmeal, whole-wheat toast with peanut butter or a breakfast burrito are sure to fill you up without sidelining you before the game even starts.

2. Stick to low-calorie mixers

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If you're heading to a day-long or a pregame party, odds are alcohol is involved. Mixed drinks, like mimosas, will quickly put you over your sugar take for the day.

Stick to low-calorie mixers such as Crystal Light packets or club soda in your drinks. Leaving the sugar out of your drinks will leave room for all the good eats later. Remember: drink plenty of water; this will keep you from getting dehydrated or hungover in the third quarter.

3. Go for the lean meat

Once you move to the tailgate lots surrounding Beaver Stadium, sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. The typical tailgate consists of a few main components: a grill, snacks and beverages.

The grill is usually easy to find because it has a Penn State Dad attached to it and should be your go-to for the main meal. Stick to leaner options like grilled chicken to cut down on fat, but if you just need that burger, go easy on the condiments and dig in.

4. Hummus > Chip Dip

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Instead of creamy dips that are full of fats, switch it up and munch on veggie trays with hummus. 

5. Choose light beers

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When it comes to beverages, water is always your best option... but sometimes ya just don't want water. If you're planning on cracking open a beer or two before kickoff, make sure its light beer.

Most major companies make a light version with as little as 50 calories. 

6. Keep moving

Battling the junk food on game day can be harder than taking down Ohio State. If you find yourself with a chicken basket in your hands, run up the stairs hard and keep jumping up and down because somethings are worth the calories.

Your time at Penn State is limited; you only get so many weekends to cheer on the Nittany Lions from the student section. Making the most of your time in Happy Valley is important and by sticking to a few easy tips you can enjoy every minute of it while feeling (and looking) your best too!