Everyone likes breakfast in bed, and mothers have to come to expect this treat every year on Mother's Day. If you want to impress your mom this May 14th, these recipes are the way to go. 

Sorbet Mimosas

milk, ice, juice, yogurt, cocktail, milkshake, cream, smoothie
Collette Block

Everyone loves a drink with breakfast, and your mother is no different. And, if you want, you can take out the booze for a treat just as good. 

Candied Bacon

Parisa Soraya

Regular bacon is good, but sweet and crispy bacon is even better. Take your favorite breakfast food and make it even better for the woman who raised you. 

Sweet Oatmeal

dairy product, pudding, berry, yogurt, cream, milk, sweet
Phoebe Melnick

If your mom is on a health craze, this oatmeal is perfect for her. Top with whatever she enjoys, and it's just as pretty as it is yummy. 

Nutella Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes

syrup, chocolate, sweet, cake, pancake, pastry
Christine Kim

Every mom loves something rich and gooey every once in a while, and these pancakes are about as crazy as they come. They'll go well with the diamonds you got your mom this Mother's Day. 

Raspberry French Toast

pudding, bread pudding, bread
Stephanie Marchuk

Some good french toast is enough to make anyone happy, and with the sweet berries mixed in, it's perfect for Mother's Day. Just make sure you wake up early, because it has to bake for about an hour. 

Eggs Benedict

Nicole Witte

If you want your mom to think you went all out for her this Mother's Day, this take on Eggs Benny will do it. She'll never know it only took you around 20 minutes total. 

Creamy Hash Browns

Caroline Liu

Hash browns are a classic with breakfast, and the cream of mushroom soup in this makes it taste better and feel fancy, which is what Mom is looking for this Mother's Day.

Vanilla Cocoa Swiss Roll

dairy product, pastry, chocolate, cake, cream, sweet
Danielle Chen

As if Mother's Day wasn't already rich enough, ending the meal with these rolls will make your mother feel very special come this May 14th. 

Every mother should be treated like a queen this Mother's Day, and these recipes will sure make your mom feel like royalty.