Have you ever heard the saying "you can tell a lot about a person by what kind of tea they drink"? Probably not because I just made it up. However, this really should be a saying we all use. There are a lot of teas out there and it turns out there is a perfect one just for you. Whether you study science or art, here's what you should be brewing. 

Business - Black Tea 

tea, herb, green tea, rice
Devon McCarron

The medium to high caffeine content in black tea embodies a high energy and outgoing business major. In the tea world, this is basically the CEO — it's got the power. Looking for a black tea to try? Featured above is the rich Chocolate Macaroon tea from David's Tea.

Engineering - Maté Tea

herb, vegetable
Devon McCarron

We all know the intense schedule and high demands of an engineering degree. It is only fitting that these students would need the highest amount of caffeine possible to keep on truckin' through all of those hard science courses and long days of labs. New to the maté scene? Try Main Squeeze from David's Tea.

Aquatic Resources - White Tea

tea, herb, green tea, black tea, herbal tea, relish
Devon McCarron

Because of this tea's light and flowing taste, it almost embodies water (but tastier). This tea tastes good hot or over ice, so no matter what the weather, you can enjoy this beverage as you're studying by the sea. My favourite variety? Buddha's Blend from David's Tea.

Education - Green Tea

herb, vegetable, tea
Devon McCarron

This tea is well known for it's relaxation purposes. For those studying education, this will be very beneficial while teaching high energy munchkins. It also contains a lot of antioxidants so while that common cold is making its way through the school, you will be safe. 

Psychology - Oolong Tea

herb, tea, condiment, relish
Devon McCarron

Oolong is a complex tea, just like psychology is a complex science. What's so special about oolong is how it's processed. Oolong tea is withered under very strong sun and oxidation before it forms into the shape seen above. This tea comes in many varieties of flavours, above is the Vanilla Orchid.

History - Pu'erh Tea

tea, coffee, green tea, black tea
Devon McCarron

This tea is almost prehistoric with how far back its health benefits date. History majors will love sipping on the tea that's has been used to control weight and aid digestion for over 1700 years. 

English - Rooibos Tea

cereal, tea, herb, rice, mate
Devon McCarron

This family of tea comes in a wide variety of flavours. English majors have to read all of the different types of literature, so it's only fitting this would be their tea match. Rooibos is also a cool word and I have heard through the grapevine that those studying English enjoy cool words. 

Health Sciences - Herbal Tea

tea, herb, relish, green tea, herbal tea, black tea, condiment
Devon McCarron

Yeah, all of you health science majors probably saw this one coming, but it does make sense. Herbal remedies have been used for a long time to cure things from the common cold to body aches. Featured above is the glorious Pink Flamingo tea by David's Tea.

Fine Arts - Fruit Infusion Tea

cereal, herb, corn, vegetable
Devon McCarron

You could almost call this the fun, artsy relative of herbal tea — it's no wonder a fine arts major would fit a cup of this so well. There are so many beautiful creations of taste to be made with this family of teas. Featured in the picture above is David's Tea's, Just Peachy.

#SpoonTip: For those doing a double major and aren't sure which one fits you better: drink coffee, you need it the most.