Major League Baseball season is among us once again. It's time to snag those tickets right behind the dugout. One of America's favorite pastime, the game is more than just a game to many fans, it's an experience. The atmosphere, the crowd, and certainly the food are all major reasons why people have loved the game for so long. However, healthy options at a baseball game can be a challenge when you're tempted with Burgerizza (yes, a 20-ounce hamburger between two mini pizzas). 

 By no means, should you deny yourself from trying some unique and adventurous foods served at MBL stadiums. You should always live the motto: treat yo self. But, living healthy does not mean you have to strike out. Here are the top 15 Major League Baseball stadiums healthy eats if you are on a fit-life journey. Score a home-run with your taste buds when you find yourself at any of these ballparks this summer!

1. Petco Park: San Diego Padre

Shrimp Tempura Roll

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An old classic at Pecto Park is pulled pork sandwiches from Phil's BBQ. The stadium also offers a variety of pizza stands, seafood and oyster bars, and breweries.

If you decide not chose any of these food stand, the stadium also offers a variety of sushi rolls and seafood at Zenbu Sushi. Also, the Seaside Market sells fresh salads, flatbreads, and smoothies. 

2. AT&T Park: San Francisco Giants

This baseball park holds a culinary garden used as a educational tool for local children throughout the year. The garden has two healthy food stands, Garden Table and Hearth Table. Here, raw vegetables and fruit are grown in the garden and used to make smoothies, salads, and fresh-pressed juices. Also, flatbreads and hearty sandwiches are prepared before your eyes alongside an antipasti bar. 

3. PNC Park: Pittsburgh Pirates

seafood, fish, salmon
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Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, there is a wide variety of concession stands to chose from. At the Rivers Edge Lodge, you can find a fresh Chicken Panini or if you're in a ready for a sit-down meal, order the Wild Pacific Salmon packed with omega-3. PNC Park also deep-fries their food in Trans-Fat free oils. 

4. Wrigley Field: Chicago Cubs

chicken taco

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Make your way to the Sheffield Center where you can get the Aloha Chicken Sandwich. Made especially for the fit foodie, the sandwich of grilled chicken, pineapple, and Asian slaw is assembled between toasted Hawaiian bread with a sweet chilli glaze drizzled on top.

Also, at the Sheffield Center, you can grab some Al Pastor Chicken tacos. The seasoned chicken is wrapped between a crispy taco. Be conscious and chose the toppings wisely!

5. Dodger Stadium: Los Angles Dodgers

Refresh yourself on that hot summer day at the Stadium Club Bar and order a "Mexican Shaved Ice." Chose between pineapple, strawberry, or mango flavors.

If you want to try one of the famous Dodger Dog, you can find a steamy Vegetarian Dodger Dogs offered at the Marketplace. 

6. Kauffman Stadium: Kansas City Royals

spinach, salad
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From the pulled pork patty melt to the funnel cakes to the made-to-order ice cream right in front of your eyes, the Royals is home to some creative food stands. Indeed there are healthier options like the Summer Spinach Salad tossed with strawberries, blueberries, goat cheese, and pecans. 

7. Coors Field: Colorado Rockies

Head on down to the Mountain Ranch Club for the health conscious baseball fan to order up a leafy green salad or pick from their many gluten-free options. 

8. Fenway Park: Boston Red Sox

cheese, turkey, avocado, chicken, sandwich
Katie Davidson

Order a turkey wrap from the Boar's Head Deli and load the wrap with tons of veggies. This low-calorie, high-protein baseball eat will keep you energized to root for the Red Sox. Fenway also sells veggie burgers and veggie dogs at various stands found throughout. 

9. Target Field: Minnesota Twins

Springtime Kebabs

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Who doesn't like a good kebab? Hit up the State Fair Classics concession stand to grab yourself a grilled vegetable kebab. If you're in a time-crunch to make it back to your seats, the Grab-n-Go Kiosk sells vegan and gluten-free options. Hummus, carrots, fruits, salads, smoothies, and more are available here.

10. Citi Field: New York Mets

Potato knish filling

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Try is a knish found at the Kosher Stand. This oven-baked potato is a healthy treat you do not find at many other baseball parks. So go ahead and try it!

Vegan pizza can be bought at at Two boots or if you are craving some juicy fruit or greens, Melissa's Produce is the place to find those at. 

11. Camden Yards: Baltimore Orioles

tomato, bread, meat, lettuce, vegetable, chicken, tacos
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This cafeteria style dining might leave you nostalgic from your classic high school cafeteria days. Make your way over to right field to serve yourself up some roasted turkey or chicken sandwiches or hit up the salad and fruit bar. Even seafood or tacos can be ordered here.

12. Globe Life Park: Texas Rangers

Brand new at the Ranger's stadium, Ballpark Vegan is becoming popular among fans. An array of vegan-friendly options such as bean burgers, veggie dogs, jerky, and more. A roasted vegetable spinach wrap is another smart alternative. 

13. Busch Stadium: St. Louis Cardinals

pasta, spaghetti, sauce
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This ball park definitely sticks to all the classic baseball eats; popcorn, peanuts, hot dogs, and hamburgers. There is a Farmer's Market that provides some healthy baseball eats. 

Around the stadium, there are several Asian stir-fry carts. Vegetable Lo Mein is the smart choice; packed with steamed veggies mixed with rice or noodles. 

14. Citizens Bank Park: Philadelphia Phillies

Amanda Shulman

Philadelphia; famous for the Liberty Bell and Philly cheese steaks. Avoiding this gooey cheesiness is hard to do, which is why you shouldn't. Instead, try the healthy eat of a classic cheese steak and order a Veggie Cheese Steak at Campo. Made with vegan beef topped with sauteed onions, peppers, and a portioned amount of cheese.

15. Nationals Parks: Washington Nationals

Megan Prendergast

Located at the Healthy Plate, this heavenly grilled vegetable wrap is packed with fiber and low-fat. Or at the Field of Green, veggie dogs and burgers, vegan crab cakes, and portobello sandwiches are offered to satisfy your seventh inning stretch hunger.