With less than 25 days left until Christmas, it's time to get into the holiday spirit. If you're looking for a sweet seasonal breakfast to pair with your peppermint mocha, then you need to get your hands on Magic Spoon's latest holiday flavor: Gingerbread. 

Magic Spoon's Limited-Edition Gingerbread Flavor

Photo courtesy of Magic Spoon

Tired of watching your gingerbread house fall apart? You can still enjoy the sweet flavor of gingerbread without the mess with Magic Spoon's limited-edition Gingerbread flavor. 

With each bite of the brands keto-friendly cereal, people will be delighted by the sweet flavors of brown sugar and cinnamon that will bring them back to childhood. 

Magic Spoon is perfect for people who are looking to enjoy the flavors of their favorite holiday treats without all the carbs. 

Magic Spoon's Holiday Gift Bundle Set

Photo courtesy of Magic Spoon

The brands newest Gingerbread flavor will be made available as part of Magic Spoon's limited-edition gift bundle offering. The gift bundle includes a 4-pack of cereal, which features a new Gingerbread flavor plus Peanut Butter, Cocoa, and Fruity, along with a brightly colored Magic Spoon bowl and spoon for only $49.

Starting today, cereal lovers can find Magic Spoon's limited-edition holiday gift bundle on their website. 

Happy Holidays!