Are you falling victim to finals depression? Symptoms include sleep deprivation, uncontrollable cravings for all things salty, sugary, and highly caloric, and the irresistible urge to throw your computer through the windows at College Library into Madison's Lake Mendota. 

If you align with the dangerous yet widespread aforementioned condition, get ready for the ultimate cure: Spoon Wisconsin's first Studyhub event on Thursday, December 15th at the Graduate Hotel.

Spoon + Grubhub

Spoon Wisco is partnering with Grubhub to bring you the study event of the semester. There will be food from various local vendors such as Ian's Pizza, Insomnia Cookies, The Madison Blind, Wings Over Madison, and others.

Grubhub allows users to search the food they are craving, browse through restaurant menus in the Madison area, pick their meal, sit back, and wait for delivery. New users: visit, or download the app to try it out.

shrimp, chicken
Brandon Fishman

If you can't make it out of the library, make your own Studyhub. Grubhub offers tons of options from the Madison area, such as Sushi Express, Estacion Inka, Mooyah, Banzo, Tutto Pasta, SoHo Gourmet Cuisines, and Casa de Lara. Grubhub's wide variety suits every kind of study munchie.

beans, tea, coffee
Brandon Fishman

This event is about to exceed all of your expectations. Besides all of the FREE food, this event brings massages, a photo booth, comfortable couches, and a ton of Grubhub swag. 

Stop by for a little study break, or stay the whole time to work with your friends. Trust me, you won't want to miss all there is to offer. We'll see you on December 15th from 6-10 PM at the Graduate Hotel for Spoon Wisconsin's event of the semester.