It’s the bittersweet time of year when you’re so close to being free from your professors, but have to overcome the dreaded week of exams. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel and decide to buckle down for the next week. Sleeping four hours a night (if at all) makes you hungry, not to mention using all that brain power. Then you remember that EatStreet app you downloaded and all is good.

Here are six reasons why ordering delivery is the best part of getting through finals.

1. You don’t have to lose your study spot


Photo by Zoe Zaiss

The struggle of even finding a place to study (with an outlet, btw) is the ultimate struggle of finals. I mean I’m actually trying to study and can’t even find a place to sit. Of course once you find the perfect location, you’re stomach starts rumbling. The answer: delivery.

2. Allows you to take a break

Every one needs a little breather during finals, so why not take a break and check your FB feed while eating a burrito from Get Some Burritos?

3. Brain food


Photo by Kelly Ho

Who can study on an empty stomach? Not to mention if your stomach is making all sorts of disruptive noises. Refuel yourself.

4. More time to study

You know you shouldn’t walk all the way to Buffalo Wild Wings. You’ll end up sitting down, running into friends, watching that game on TV and then falling into a food coma. You can’t risk wasting this precious study time.

5. Great deals

EatStreet offers great deals for loyal users. The more you order, the more deals you get (such as free food, score). Perfect for those of you who study late every night.

6. Justification


Photo by Alex Weiner

You know you shouldn’t. Your mom is yelling at you for spending too much money on food and you’re jeans may be getting a little tight. WHO CARES. It’s finals season and ya’ll need to treat yo’self. At least I do.

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