Summer is here and you know what that means: Grab your cooler and fill it with your drink of choice for a day at the beach! Though there are tried and true classics that you can never go wrong with, like a can of La Croix or a cold one with the bros, sometimes it's good to try something new. Luckily for you, LQD Creative Liquids just released boozy coconut water and boozy green teas for the general public to consume and enjoy simultaneously. 

Did someone just say boozy drinks?

LQD Creative Liquids is a highly imaginative beverage company based in Bend, Oregon that strives to bless the world with healthy people drinks, but with a boozy twist. While the company's motto is "alcohol reimagined," I must admit that LQD Creative Liquids truly is reimagining alcohol. Why? Because the company's now offering Hard Coconut Waters and Hard Green TeasWhile the product will only be available out in California (including major cities such as San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego), product offerings include Hard Coconut Waters in the flavors original and pineapple while their Hard Green Teas are available in passion fruit and peach. Specific product retailers can be located via this link.

If you're wondering about the alcohol content of LQD Creative Liquids' products, their green teas are 5.2% ABV and their coconut waters are 4.2% ABV. While some might argue that the ABVs of both of these beverages are weak and comparable to juice, please remember that you're talking about coconut water and green tea that's simply spiked. Please be nice; thank you. Neither the coconut water or the green tea knows of your presence within society, but you know that it exists. It just wants you to love it and consume it. 

What are the other cold, hard facts to know of?

As a company, LQD Creative Liquids' mission/reason for existing in life is to utilize modern methods on outdated brewing processes in order to produce products that have simple ingredients along with natural flavors. All of LQD Creative Liquids' products are naturally fermented and are blended with fruit juices and purees. LQD Creative Liquids' recipe for their products starts with coconut water and green tea going into a brewing kettle (not simultaneously, of course) to then be turned into booze because of a thing known as fermentation. Along with coconut water and green tea, LQD Creative Liquids' products are gluten free by nature and don't contain any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Just to make a note about the green tea; it's all decaf, so if you're looking for it to replace your morning caffeine intake, the answer would be a hard no from me. 

LQD Creative Liquids might not have a full on name for its acronym in the beginning of the company name, but that's ok. You're not here to figure out what LQD means; you're here to learn more about the products and their existence. On that note, why are you still reading this? Go drink some LQD