The food scene, a dynamic aspect of our daily lives, consists of numerous food trends. Let's look at quinoa. Quinoa, which had its glory days earlier this year, hasn't really been "the talk of the town" in awhile. Similar with washed out celebrities, people ask themselves: "Where are they now?"

Nevertheless, quinoa isn't any less of a superfood just because people aren't talking about it. It consistently remains a popular addition to salads and veggie burgers. Bonus: It is a great source of protein that contains all nine essential amino acids we need from food.

One company stays loyal to its love for quinoa. This company, I Heart Keenwah, is devoted to making delicious, on-the-go quinoa products. I Heart Keenwah sources its quinoa from Bolivia, where farmers are using sustainable practices to cultivate high-quality quinoa (USDA organic, Non-GMO-certified, gluten free and all that good stuff). 

After hearing about this innovative and healthy company, I tried several of its products to see for myself. 

Toasted Quinoa

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Stephanie Lee

Starting off with the basics, these quinoa seeds appear average. However, the instant I opened up the bag, I was hit with a toasted, nutty smell that reminded me of cookies. What's the big deal? Because the quinoa is pre-toasted, there's no bitter taste that is often associated with the superfood. This product will deliver the perfect flavor to your favorite quinoa recipes every time.

Aged Cheddar Quinoa Puffs

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Stephanie Lee

These crunchy, bite-sized quinoa puffs enveloped in an aged cheddar flavor will beat out a greasy bag of Cheetos any day. With 5 grams of protein and only 120 calories per serving, I found these to be a perfect compliment to watching Netflix or a quick snack between classes. 

Herbes De Provence Quinoa Puffs

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Stephanie Lee

For those who like herbs and spices, these flavored puffs will definitely satisfy you. Each puff is coated in a mix of basil, thyme, french herbs and rosemary that blend perfectly to produce a flavor similar to pizza. Get the taste of pizza and all its goodness, without the unhealthiness. 

Red Chili Quinoa Puffs

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Stephanie Lee

Brace yourselves, lovers of all things hot sauce: These red chili quinoa puffs prove the perfect spicy snack. Even if you aren't a huge fan of spicy foods (like me), these puffs strike just the right balance between a spicy and sweet barbecue taste that leaves you with nothing more than a lingering warmth in your mouth. 

Toasted Quinoa Organic Hot Cereal

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Stephanie Lee

If you're becoming bored of your typical morning bowl of oatmeal, shake things up by using quinoa in place of regular oats. While there's plenty of brands to choose from, I Heart Keenwah has an edge on its competitors with its toasted hot cereal quinoa flakes. 

Like the seeds, the flakes are toasted which naturally enhances the nuttiness and lessens the need for sugary additives and toppings. The quinoa also has a softer and fluffier texture than regular oats to ensure you a  light but protein-packed breakfast. 

#SpoonTip: If you're not a oatmeal person, try incorporating the flake into smoothies or smoothie bowls.)

Final Thoughts

Three bags of puffs and several morning meals of quinoa flakes later, I came out as a huge fan of I Heart Keenwah and its innovative quinoa goodness. The products mentioned above are just a portion of what the company has to offer. If you're looking to try some new healthy snacks, head to the store to grab a bag (or two). You'll be back for more in no time.