Late night studying goes hand in hand with a crunchy snack, but this can also lead to mindless and overeating. So why not swap out those potato chips with a healthy alternative that still satisfies the crunch. As more companies arise and get on board with health trends, more options become available. If you stroll through your local grocery store, I'm sure you'll find one of these 6 perfect swaps that don't skimp on crunch.

1. Beet Chips

Thank god for the person who decided that beets needed to become chips because they are the perfect vessel for any salsa, hummus, dip or spread. Trader Joe's has Just Beet chips that are seriously just beets and nothing else, but pure crunch. Beets have a subtly sweet flavor but are a healthy alternative to any potato or corn chip. Plus you won't feel heavy or guilty after eating an entire bag. These bad boys are fewer in calories and fat, so crunch on. 

2. Mary's Gone Crackers

Mary's Gone Crackers have gotten me going crazy because they're crisp, flaky and come in a variety of flavors such as original, herb, onion, jalapeño, and black pepper. These bite-size crunchy crisp are packed with nutrient dense seeds and grains. Pair any flavor of Mary's crackers with your favorite dip or spread and you'll have yourself a perfect healthy alternative.

3. Rice Cakes

Light, crunchy, low in fat and calories, yet a great healthy alternative to chips or bread. Rice cakes can act as either a chip or bread depending on how you top it. Top your cake with avocado, tomato, and Trader Joe's Everything But seasoning and you get yourself a snack. Wanting something sweet top a rice cake with almond butter, sliced banana, cinnamon, and drizzle with honey. Any way you decide your craving for crunch will be satisfied. 

4. Brad's Veggie Chips

Brad's Veggie chips are replacing all chips in every health nut's pantry and they will too for you. These colorful chips are made with vegetable pulp and seasoned to perfection. Think of Trader Joe's flax tortilla chips, but on steroids and filled with more nutrients. The best part about these plant filled crunch munchers is their shape. They replicate a tortilla chip and pair nicely with guacamole and salsa. Go crazy and get crunchin'. 

5. Kale Chips

Whether you decide to buy them or make them yourself, we all know kale chips have found a way into our hearts. Their crunch is pleasing and delicious. Several companies have created flavors similar to potato chips like nacho cheese, sea salt and vinegar, cool ranch, barbecue, and salt and pepper. Making your own is easy too all you need is kale, oil, your favorite seasonings and an oven or dehydrator. Chop your kale, mix it with oil and seasoning and then let it bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 to 15 minutes and you'll snack a tasty healthy alternative,  

6. Roasted Chickpeas

Need a crunch and some extra protein? Roasted or crispy chickpeas will be your new go-to healthy alternative. They're similar to corn nuts but loaded with fiber and protein. You can either purchase a bag ready to go from your local health food store or Trader Joe's or better yet you can experiment and make your own. If you make your own you can decide between savory or sweet then play with your favorite spices to create a personalized crunchy snack.

Crunch and munch with one of these six perfect healthy alternatives that will fulfill your crunchy fix. There's no need to fill up on empty calories and feel heavy and guilty, so swap out those potato chips because snacking just got healthier and tastier.