As anyone who has spent an afternoon roaming the aisles of Trader Joe’s knows, kale chips are all the rage in the world of salty snacks. As a superfood, kale boasts a range of nutritional promises and health benefits, and their chip version has been taking over the snack market. But are we just blindly following the trend, or are they really better for us than potato chips?

We looked at the nutritional information for regular potato chips, baked potato chips and kale chips, based on a 1-oz. serving. We’re about to find out which one reigns supreme.

This is the Ultimate Chip Showdown.

Let’s. Get. Ready. To. RUMBLE.


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Round 1: Fat Content

Potato Chips: 10g

Baked Potato Chips: 1.5g

Kale Chips: 7g

Ding! Ding! Ding! And the winner is… Baked potato chips!


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Round 2: Calories

Potato Chips: 220 calories

Baked Potato Chips: 110 calories

Kale Chips: 160 calories

Sorry kale lovers, but baked potato chips win again!


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Round 3: Carbohydrates

Potato Chips: 15g

Baked Potato Chips: 23g

Kale Chips: 13g

And finally a win for kale chips!


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Round 4: Fiber

Potato Chips: 1g

Baked Potato Chips: 2g

Kale Chips: 3g

Kale yeah! Another win for the superfood. The competition is heating up.


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Round 5: Sodium

Potato Chips: 170mg

Baked Potato Chips: 150mg

Kale Chips: 190mg

Baked potato chips break the tie with another win!


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Round 6: Iron (% daily value)

Potato Chips: 4%

Baked Potato Chips: 11%

Kale Chips: 10%

And the winner of the last round is… Baked potato chips!


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Surprisingly enough, baked potato chips top the health charts and take the title of Golden Chip in the Ultimate Chip Showdown.

Until next time, may your chips be healthy and your stomachs be full.

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