The excitement of the holidays always makes November and December fly by. Before you know it, you're so swept up in holiday festivities that you forgot all about getting gifts! Knowing what to buy your food-loving friends certainly isn't easy, but this holiday gift list breaks it down by category. Gift shopping this year will definitely be a breeze. 

For the one that gets a little too tipsy: HangOn Hangover Tablets

You thought about getting this friend a bottle of wine, but you don't want to feed her love for alcohol anymore. Instead, help your friend get over nasty hangovers with HangOn chewable tablets. Taking two of these before and after every couple of drinks helps the liver detoxify alcohol. Your friend will think this gift is magical when she wakes up without a hangover after a boozy night out.

For the coffee snob: "Where to Drink Coffee" book 

Whenever this friend travels to a different city or country, there's no doubt cafe-hopping is on her itinerary. With this book in hand, she will know exactly which spots to hit for the finest cups of coffee. Add "Where to Drink Coffee" to your shopping cart on Amazon and have it in your hands stat.

For the one always snuggled with a cup of tea: Tea Advent Calendar

The tea aisle at any grocery store is overwhelming. Unless you go in with a specific flavor of tea in mind, choosing one is a challenge. With T2's tea advent calendar, your friend won't have to worry about that for all of December. Every day of the month, she will be waking up to a new tea surprise. 

For the one with a sweet tooth: Salt and Straw's Seasonal Five Pint Flight

Salt and Straw is a Portland-based ice cream company that has, in my humble opinion, the best ice cream in the world. It releases five seasonal flavors every month, and you can get them shipped straight to your door. For November and December, the flavors are Thanksgiving and holiday themed. Get this delivery service for your friend and she will be able to celebrate the holidays with every sweet spoonful. 

For the one that bakes 24/7: Recipe Card Box

Your "next great baker" friend probably owns all of the tools she will ever need. Don't run the risk of buying her something she already has and instead, get her a recipe card box. The next time she is whisking away, she will be able to write down her sweet masterpiece, all thanks to you.  

For the one that could be a Michelin-starred chef: Spice Box Set

For chefs, there's no such thing as having too many spices, so a boxed set is straight out of their dreams. You could go exotic with lesser-known seasonings, or go classic with pantry staples. Whichever route you go, your master chef of a friend is sure to start pinching and dashing the spices into her next dish.

For the health nut: Veggie Spiralizer

When zoodles became a trend, this friend definitely jumped on board. With a spiralizer of her own, she can spiralize all the veggies her heart desires. Sweet potato noodles? Beet noodles? Carrot noodles? The possibilities are endless this holiday season.

For any food lover: Waffle Shots

Fill these up with any warm beverage to melt the inner chocolate coating into your drink. Then, chase it down with the waffle shot itself. This edible cup tastes even better than it looks. Whether your friend is a foodie or not, it's practically impossible to be upset over this gift. 

Don't let the stress of scrambling to find gifts bring down your holiday cheer. From the drinker, to the baker, to the health nut in your friend group, this foodie gift guide covers all the bases.