In the long line of trends co-opted and appropriated from Midwestern Suburban housewives (including, but not limited to Uggs, bootcut jeans, and complaining about your distant relatives), LaCroix is no doubt the betchiest. It's calorie-free, flavored sparkling water, and it's the perfect drink for anything from your pregame to your 2 pm lecture. And now, La Croix is coming out with a new flavor to make the obsession even more real

Here is everything you need to know about La Croix's new flavor of sparkling goodness. 

All The Bubbles

LaCroix just announced to shareholders that it is coming out with a new Key Lime flavored fizzy water, and it's being described as legit dessert in a can. LaCroix said that the "distinctive aroma and sweet-and-tart-flavor" is gonna be a bit sweeter than your usual lime LaCroix, and I'm 100 percent here for it. 

This citrusy beverage is arriving a little late for the summer vibes that it gives off, but I'm fine drinking this can well into winter. Especially if it means I can keep my summer tan (jk, more like burn that has faded into a slight ~glow~). 

When Can You Get It? 

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Mackenzie Patel

LaCroix has not announced an official release date for the beverage yet, but investors were told that this drink is "ready to launch," so I hope that means it'll be out #asaprocky. 

Until the release of LaCroix's new flavor, I would recommend sipping on your usual favorites with every single meal