The world was blessed in 1981 when a new beverage hit the market. 20 all natural flavors, no calories, no added sweeteners and no sodium. What is this magical elixir you ask? La Croix sparkling water, of course. The refreshing, light, crisp flavor of this God sent beverage has stolen America's heart for 30 years, especially mine. La Croix, pronounced (la-CROY), is in my opinion, the world's most versatile beverage. 

Believe it or not, there is a way to enjoy La Croix at every hour of the day. Dawn till dusk, this bubbly brew never seems to disappoint. So, if you have already joined the growing La Croix cult or are looking to expand your beverage spectrum, I strongly recommend La Croix.

Breakfast: "Pure" LaCroix Alongside Espresso Or OJ

Wake up feeling groggy and tired of that boring Keurig coffee?Why not revolutionize your morning caffeine regiment by enjoying espresso the traditional way? Pair that morning joe with a “pure” (unflavored) LaCroix for an authentic coffee experience. The sparkling water acts as a palate cleanser so every sip is just as delicious as the first.

Hey, maybe you aren't a coffee person. Mix half orange juice with half Cran-Rasberry LaCroix to add some fizz and a pop of flavor to your juice.

Aprés Gym: Tangerine La Croix

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Spin, yoga, pilates, weight lifting, whatever you are into, LaCroix is there for you when you finish putting in work. Sweaty, fatigued and no longer attracted to that 32oz Nalgene you guzzled down and in need of something to replenish your muscles? Well, move over still water.

The light, effervescent flavor of Tangerine LaCroix is the perfect post-gym beverage. The flavor is not overwhelming yet, the mild citrus variety will give you just enough energy to hop in the shower and be on your way.

Lunch: Pick-me-up LaCroix

Imagine it’s the middle of your day, or even worse, the middle of your day in the middle of your school week. When I hit a slump, I live for lunch time. Another salad or sandwich accompanied by a boring bottle of water? Not today.

A can of LaCroix is easy to pack in your bag. So, whether lunch is in the library or at home, give that turkey sando a little life by washing it down with my favorite flavor of LaCroix, Pamplemousse (better know as grapefruit). The flavor of Pamplemousse LaCroix has just enough zest behind it to push you through until dinner time or if you are lucky, happy hour.

Happy Hour: Chaser LaCroix

It’s that special time of day (and my favorite time of day), happy hour. There is no better time to enjoy LaCroix as a chaser or mixed drink essential. Not only is this sparkling treat a calorie-free alternative to soda but also the perfect base for a sparkling blueberry mojito or guava pineapple coconut fizz. This is the perfect hour to break out the Cínate LaCroix with flavors live piña fraise or melón pomelo and express your inner mixologist.

#SpoonTip: Not crafty at the bar with your cocktails? Don’t worry. Follow these two steps:

1. Simply mix your booze of choice and a Crystal Light packet with any flavor of LaCroix and stir.

2. Enjoy reveling in this low-calorie delicious drink. 

LaCroix 2.0: Shareable LaCroix

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Not crazy about sharing a can? Well, who really is, especially when it is only 12oz of precious LaCroix? Have no fear, LaCroix is a sharable beverage, now available in one liter resealable bottles in 12 flavors. Perfect for on-the-go consumption. La Croix all around!

Cheers to LaCoix sparkling water for being adaptable to all hours of the day. A sensational drink that has truly earned a gold star. I highly suggest spending the next 24 hours incorporating LaCroix into your daily routine, you won't regret it.