That's right, Strawberry Glaze from Krispy Kreme is back. After the infamous “glaze craze” last year, fans found themselves missing the sweet, fruity, Strawberry Glaze once it disappeared from the menu. Fear not, because the Strawberry Glaze is back and with two craze-worthy doughnuts this year. Bring on the glaze, with Strawberry Glazed, and Strawberry Kreme Filled Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme starting April 26th.

Next week you’ll be able to dive into a dozen of the newly returned Strawberry Glazed and Strawberry Kreme Filled Doughnuts. Get yourself to glaze before it’s too late, these doughnuts are here for a limited time only. You can also take part in a virtual glaze experience featuring the glazer waterfall.