Starting today, Krispy Kreme is launching their first-ever Oreo® Cookie Glaze and they are releasing two new doughnuts to celebrate. This epic collaboration between Oreo® and Krispy Kreme combines the best of what are arguably two of the best desserts of all time to create not one, but two different Oreo doughnut combinations. For a limited time, fans can try the new Oreo® Cookie Glazed Doughnut and the Oreo® Cookie Over-The-Top Doughnut while supplies last.

Each Krispy Kreme doughnut starts by going under a waterfall of Oreo glaze before either getting filled or topped with Cookies and Kreme™ filling, then topped with an icing drizzle and Oreo pieces. Fans can try both varieties of the new Oreo doughnuts starting Monday, April 5 for a limited time. Treat yourself with an Oreo Lovers Dozen, featuring both the OREO Cookie Glazed and OREO Cookie Over-the-Top Doughnuts. Run to your nearest Krispy Kreme today.