Holidays are a time for indulgence and celebration, but that doesn't necessarily mean your health regimen has to suffer the consequences. Although we may not like to admit it, everyone can relate to over indulging during the holidays and the temptation of the decadent and not-so-good-for-you drinks. Lucky for you, Kombrewcha has you covered this holiday season. 

We're all aware of the current Kombucha obsession, and guiltily I am part of this fad, incorporating it into pretty much anything I can, including chasing alcohol with it. Unfortunately, this often ruins that flavor of Kombucha for me the following day. 

Kombrewcha is the organic, gluten-free kombucha disrupting the beer industry in the most healthy way possible. It is fermented longer than traditional kombucha and contains 2% alcohol by volume. While this is about four times that of most kombucha soft drinks, it is still low for beer, which has 5% alcohol on average. At only 65-75 calories per bottle, Kombrewcha is a healthy alternative to alcohol that doesn't sacrifice taste, allowing you to get a buzz on without getting drunk and consuming all the necessary calories...and the much dreaded next day hangover. 

This kombucha contains live probiotics, vitamins, and organic acids, making it easier on the digestive system. Kombrewcha is the first and only kombucha in the world brewed entirely with agave nectar. With agave, you get more sweetness, and more importantly, less calories. Personally, I enjoy the Lemongrass Lime flavor as it is extremely refreshing and sweet, providing me much needed relief and refreshment after an intense Soul Cycle class.     

Kombrewcha is the perfect cocktail alternative. This holiday season, try making a guilt-free Kombrewcha Mule. All you need is a little lime juice and some Ginger Kombrewcha (and maybe some vodka and a pinch of sugar for the more adventurous of us). This drink is perfect for those who like a little spice, but don't want to worry about counting calories all night. 

Kombrewcha is looking to change the drinking game for those who want a sociable drinking experience without the unnecessary calories and hangover. With loads of probiotics and vitamins (and no hangover the next day), Kombrewcha is the perfect go-to drink this holiday season.