Remember when we were all carefree kids growing up, enjoying the warm summer weather outdoors with ice cream in hand? None of us cared that the sun's rays were warm enough to practically destroy our beloved ice cream; we were all too preoccupied being kids. Well, there’s a new ice cream that I think we’d be pretty sad to have melting down our arms. Kokus, a new soft serve brand that got its start at NYC’s Smorgasburg, is crazy delicious. Here’s everything you need to know about it. 

What's a Kokus?

Kokus is a plant-based soft serve brand that has cultured coconut cream in it and is sweetened with actual raw honey to help enhance its preexisting creamy texture. Kokus’ two flavors, Lemon-Vanilla Tart and Raw Cacao, use only eight ingredients or less, are both topped with fresh superfoods such as blueberries, and come with health benefits such as essential probiotics and enzymes.

Kokus has four additional add-ons that are each $1, and include their weekly seasonal fruit, collagen boosting coconut whip, pink dragon fruit dust, and their "Blue Majik" dust. Prices for the soft serve start at $8 for a plain cup, $10 if you get a cup with toppers, and $12 if you get your coconut cream soft serve served in an actual coconut.

All of the ingredients that Kokus uses are 100 percent natural, thus causing the texture of the soft serve to be on the lighter and airy side of things, and not so much on the lumpy yet weighed down side of things. No dairy is used in any of Kokus’ products, either. All of the ingredients are of quality and actually function like quality ingredients should, so you don't have to worry about what you're putting in your body. 

Where's Kokus available?

Kokus will be available at Smorgasburg through the end of September at both locations (in Williamsburg on Saturdays and at Prospect Park on Sundays). 

Kokus will also be available at their pop-up shop located at Bowery Market from Wednesday, Oct. 4 through Sunday, Oct.8. At Bowery Market, Kokus will be releasing a new flavor that's known as "Blue Majik," which is going to be made with spirulina.

While the month of October seems as if it’s forever away, Kokus currently has an ongoing collaboration occurring with Springbone in the West Village of New York that will last through the summer, so you’ll never run out of new and unique coconut cream soft serve flavors to try out.

Now that you know all of the details in regards to Kokus, let’s all celebrate by heading over to either Smorgasburg or to Springbone to give it a taste. Besides, who doesn’t love soft serve?