We've all gone out to chill or party or to simply just cool off and wondered what drink to order from the menu. How many times have you ordered one blue lagoon or a virgin mojito simply because its safe and you don't what else you'd like? Bored of iced tea yet, anyone? Obviously, its time to get to order new drinks, drinks you'd actually like and not just experiment on.

The problem is, how would you know what each drink has? Have you ever wondered what the drinks Pinacolada or say, Virgin Mary actually contain? To get out of this mess, I decided to google up all the top drinks we find everywhere and look up their contents. 

Divya Bajaj

Here's a list of 10 mocktails and their contents that I'm sure you must've come across and wondered about.

1. Virgin Mojito

juice, lime, citrus, lemon, cocktail, lemonade, ice, sweet, lime cordial, mint
Ana Cvetkovic

-Mint leaves

-Raw sugar

-Fresh lime juice

-Simple flavouring syrup

-Ginger ale

-Club soda or sparkling water


2. Mango Mule

rum, havana club, Cuba, Mojito, ice, juice, cocktail, mint, tea, alcohol, liquor, iced tea
Alex Frank

-Cucumber slices

-Honey syrup

-Mango puree

-Fresh lime juice

-Ginger beer


3.Lemongrass Jasmine Iced Tea

ice, cocktail, juice, tea, sweet, liquor, iced tea, lemon, alcohol
Kristine Mahan

-Cut lemon grass

-Vanilla simple syrup


-Jasmine tea

-Rubicon lychee juice

4. Blue Lagoon

Divya Bajaj

-Blue curacao syrup

-Fresh lemon juice

-Simple sugar syrup



-Lemon wedges

5.Sex On The Beach

Divya Bajaj

-Orange juice

-Craneberry juice


-Pineapple wedges



6. Virgin Mary

vegetable, Cocktails, bloody mary, holding a cocktail
Alexandra Redmond

-Tomato juice

-Beef stock

-Lemon juice

-Tobasco sauce

-Celery salt

-Worcestershire sauce

-Fresh ground pepper

7. Pinacolada

Divya Bajaj

-Frozen pineapple chunks


-Pineapple juice

-Coconut milk

-Brown sugar

8. Apple Cinnamon Sour

lemon, ice, cocktail, peach, mint, strawberries, Sangria
Carolyne Su

-Cinnamon syrup

-Appletini flavour


-Apple slices

-Ground cinnamon

-Cinnamon sticks

9. Cherry Coketail

alcohol, grape, red wine, wine, liquor, glass, Drink, beverage
Caroline Ingalls

-Coka cola




10. Hot Buttered Apple Cider

apple, juice, cider, sweet, tea
Anna Arteaga

-Apple cider