We all know the struggle of waking up five minutes before a Zoom class and having to grab a quick breakfast. Depending on my mood, that can either look like a granola bar or a handful of nuts. In an ideal world, I'd give myself plenty of time to prepare and eat breakfast, but that's just not how life is right now. KIND is doing its part to ensure you can have a healthy and filling breakfast on-the-go with its first ever smoothie bowls. 

KIND's NEW Smoothie Bowls

Photo courtesy of KIND Healthy Snacks

KIND's new Smoothie Bowls combine nuts and fruits together to create a crunchy and sweet breakfast. If you're craving chocolate in the morning, there is even a bowl for you. 

The brands smoothie bowls are layered with fruit and almond milk, creamy almond butter and topped with whole nuts and granola. 

KIND Smoothie Bowls are available in four varieties: Almond + Triple Berry Acai, Almond + Mango Pineapple Passion Fruit, Almond + Chocolate Banana, and Almond + Peach Kiwi Greens.

(The Almond + Chocolate Banana is my personal favorite, but I definitely have a sweet tooth!) 

Each bowl contains between 6-8g of protein and are vegan and gluten-free. 

If you like KIND's snack bars, then you'll definitely like these smoothie bowls. They will be available in the frozen aisle in stores nationwide beginning Mar. 9 for $3.99.