I wouldn't say Kim Kardashian is known for being a foodie, but girlfriend does not shy away from trying new foods or going all out for her favorites. I mean, remember that time Kim was pregnant and flew to New Orleans just for beignets? 'Twas legendary. But now, there might be a new food savvy Kardashian—North West. This weekend, the 4-year-old treated herself to some hot dog sushi.

Photo courtesy of Kim Kardashian's Snapchat Story

Kim revealed the "delicacy" on her Snapchat on Saturday captioning it, "When your kids LOVE sushi & hotdogs you get creative #HotDogSushi." Hot dog sushi is just pieces of hot dog rolled up with white rice, wrapped in nori. I have to say, as gross as that sounds (at least to me), it is very creative. I'm sure North was super appreciative of her mom (or their chef's) ingenious idea. My only question is, was this dipped in ketchup or soy sauce? 

This isn't the first time we've heard of North's obsession with the Japanese dish. Last year, Kim broke down and got her a dog who she named Sushi. It's too cute! 

It should be noted that according to the FDA, eating raw fish is not recommended for kids under the age of five due to potentially serious food poisoning. But cooked fish (like California rolls and Unagi rolls) and vegetable rolls are OK. I'll assume North is fan of the latter.

Still, I don't know many kids who are down to eat sushi, let alone a lot of my adult friends. If you're not exactly a fan of, or new to eating sushi, maybe try stuffing your favorite food into a roll like North. I'm thinking candy sushi, steak or chicken sushi, chicken nugget sushi, or yes, even #HotDogSushi.