I love chocolate, and you might, too. But I have a bad habit of making it one of my main food groups. True story: I woke up with chocolate all over my bed a couple of days ago after enjoying a casual late night candy bar. It's a problem, but the addiction is probably about to get worse because Kellogg's is releasing a new cereal: Chocolate Frosted Flakes. Are you freaking out? I'm freaking out. 

The Chocolatey Details

Photo courtesy of Kellogg's

The new Chocolate Frosted Flakes feature a "roasted cocoa frosting" that coats the corn flakes you grew up loving. So, yeah, basically regular Frosted Flakes, but chocolate. It's not that difficult of a concept, but it's a really delicious one. 

Spoon HQ was lucky enough to get a taste of these babies and I can confirm that they are "gr-r-r-eat." We pretty much finished off a whole box in a couple of hours. One editor compared the flavor to Cocoa Puffs, but said that they taste "less artificial." I would say they're more similar to Cocoa Pebbles, but with more of a crunch. 

Some of Us Are Dreamers, Others are Doers

Photo courtesy of Kellogs

Kellogg's launched Cinnamon Frosted Flakes last year, but according Brad Schwan, Kellogg's senior director of morning food marketing, chocolate was obviously the next move. "When we found out chocolate was the next most requested flavor, we set to work right away,” he said in a press release.

Apparently, it took a while to get the flavor to exactly where it needed to be, though. They came to this exact flavor and formula by testing different cocoas to see how they would interact with the corn flakes and the milk. Now that's dedication!

Chocolate Frosted Flakes will be available in grocery stores starting in November—stay tuned for exact release dates. When these hit shelves, I know I'll be stocking up for a while.