Staying hydrated can be difficult, especially for kids who aren't necessarily fond of water. Let's be honest, juice tastes better. It sweeter and has that familiar taste that everyone knows and loves. However, these drinks contain a lot of sugar and do very little to keep you feeling hydrated enough to power through the warm summer days. If you're looking to keep your kiddos hydrated and make water more fun, Creative Roots is here to help. 

Creative Roots Coconut Water

Creative Roots is a new hydrating plant-powered drink for kids made with all-natural ingredients and 1 gram of sugar. Available in four flavors including, Watermelon Lemonade, Peach Mango, Orange Pineapple and Mixed Berry, kids will not be able to get enough of this flavored coconut water. 

Even though I'm not a child, I decided to try these out to see what they hype was all about. They are actually really good. I've had coconut water before and wasn't a fan, but the flavoring makes them more appealing. My favorite flavor was the Orange Pineapple because I'm a sucker for citrus, but Watermelon Lemonade is also really refreshing. 

Where To Find Creative Roots

If you're looking to try Creative Roots, check out their product locator to see where they are available near you. The product sells in singles and four-packs with a nationwide suggested retail price of $1.29 for singles and $3.69 for a four pack.

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