You've seen Kanye prance through the streets of Calabasas, strut the sidewalks of New York City, and even gamble in the moonlit city of Paris. In all of Kanye West's travels his recent venture to Jackson Hole, Wyoming was truly out of the norm, even for him. Locked away in a secluded resort with only his staff and family allowed as visitors, it's safe to say the release of his new album was anticipated.     

What Did Kanye Eat? 

With all the hype over his album-I've been curious as to what Kanye did this past year in Wyoming. Or more importantly-what did he eat? It's safe to say Kanye West's favorite restaurant in Wyoming was a shocker, even for me. This hole-in-a-wall restaurant, known as Big Hole BBQ, was the West family's go to dine in for the past  year. And it's really freakin' good.   

WTF is Big Hole BBQ?!

Big Hole BBQ is a authentic BBQ restaurant with locations in Jackson Hole, WY and Victor, ID. This restaurant is typically a tourist location for winter-weather gurus and people passing through. It is known to serve its customers real Midwest cuisine accompanied with a Midwest experience.

The Eats 

chicken, meat, sauce, chicken wings, pork
Kaitlin Wheeler

With a stacked menu of creamy homemade mac n cheese and fried hickory smoked chicken wings, the West's were surely satisfied during their stay in the Midwest. This menu even includes a heaping basket of chips n guac, at a BBQ restaurant! Locals have seen Kanye eat here alone, with staff members, and with his family 3-4 times a month, typically ordering the wings and occasionally a brisket on the side. 

Calabasas vs Wyoming 

Kanye's typical diet does not follow suit of the classic Californian. It is said his favorite foods include fried chicken, mac n cheese, and chocolate chip ice cream. Which are not usually found in a health-driven city like Los Angeles. While Calabasas has its perks, I'm sure there is no BBQ joint quite like one located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Therefore I'm sure there are hopes for locals that Kanye will be making his return very soon... 

While BBQ isn't the fanciest food choice for such a highly profiled rapper, Kanye West is full of surprises. As for Kim, maybe she'll come back to Wyoming with her entire family, we all know how they love their vacations. However, as of now their family seems to be quite busy with newborn babies so we can only wait to see what happens in the future...