Whenever I tell people I’m from Calabasas I get the dreaded “OMG! Do you know the Kardashians?!” Okay yes, I drive through the same guard gate entrance as they do, but no, we’re not friends. Let’s talk about something more important than Kylie’s lips or Kim’s nude mirror selfie: food.


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Calabasas is packed with so many restaurants that it’s almost hard to decide where to eat. So to make it easier, I’ve created a list of the local must-try spots.

1. King’s Fish House


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Located in the notorious Commons, King’s is your go-to sit down restaurant. The menu ranges from fresh seafood, to pasta and sushi. I recommend eating on the outside patio because you know, it’s SoCal.

2. SunLife Organics


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Established down the road in Malibu, SunLife serves up delicious juices and bowls. Up your Insta game with an acai and fruit bowl topped with coconut. It’s okay to be a little #basic.

3. Lovi’s Delicatessen


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There is nothing better than a good deli, and Lovi’s is just that. You’ll be greeted with a plate of pickles and bagel chips to munch on while trying to decide on what to order from the sixteen page menu. Breakfast is served all day, and the black and white cookies are a must.

4. Blu Jam Cafe


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Blu Jam has a large selection of savory and sweet options for the ultimate brunching experience. If you’re craving something sweet, try the signature crunch french toast. Egg brioche rolled in corn flakes and topped with fresh berries: yes please.

5. Banzai Sushi


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Tucked away off of Calabasas Road, you’ll often see a Ferrari or Tesla parked out front making Banzai the spot to get sushi. Go during lunch and get the all-you-can-eat special. It’s only $25 and includes everything so load up on soup, salad, edamame and all the rolls your heart desires.

6. Dan’s Super Subs


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If you’re from the valley, you’ve probably said “it’s on Ventura.” Running over 18 miles long, Ventura Boulevard is home to many great eats, but most importantly, Dan’s. You can order a regular sub, which is 8 inches, or a 13 inch jumbo sub. I promise you won’t leave hungry.

7. Pedaler’s Fork


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Right in the heart of Old Calabasas, Pedaler’s Fork is dedicated to farm to plate practices. Everything on the menu is fresh, and the restaurant also triples as a boutique bike shop and a ten speed coffee roaster.