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Huma Hafeez

Imagine this; it’s 11 o’ clock at night and you’re cramming in on your exam that you have tomorrow morning. You realize that you don’t have your essentials! No notecards, gummy bears, or coffee. You live on campus and you live too far away from Walmart and don’t have a car. What to do, what to do… then all of the sudden, you remember about that new app that launched on campus.  JoyRun is here to save the day for you! You get on the delivery app and order yourself some notecards, gummy bears, coffee, and a coffee maker because why the hell not. 

JoyRun is a new app that was first launched at UC Davis, California and has now advanced to about 50 different campuses across America, including the University of Iowa, ayeee! JoyRun is a community based platform for friends, by friends. The app lets you see who wants what in your area, create or spontaneously join existing requests, and then connects the groups with community members willing to do the run. And when you do a JoyRun, you even get paid a few extra dollars and build your social cred! Pretty neat, huh?

Why use JoyRun when there are already other delivery apps/platforms on campus? Well I’ll tell ya why:

1.) No Order Minimums

JoyRun does not have ANY order minimums. So you can literally get a single pencil delivered to you without any extra charge besides the delivery fee.

2.) Not Only Limited to Food

Like mentioned before, JoyRun not only delivers food to your lazy bum, but also delivers other items. I've literally gotten tampons delivered to me because I was too busy crying at a GEICO Insurance commercial. Damn you mother nature but thank god for JoyRun.

3.) JoyRun Caters to You

It’s a week where you "unexpectedly" learn that you have 3 exams coming up. (Let's face it, all your exams are listed on the syllabus but you still choose to ignore 'em). You have the perfect booth and everything set up and you’re on a roll for once in your life, but then your tummy growls at you. Hit up JoyRun to deliver you food and anything else without the hassle of leaving your precious and sacred library spot.

4.) Saves You Mega Bucks

The delivery fee is also so much cheaper! It’s from $0 - $5 and is set by your fellow student driver depending on the effort on their part to get it for you. Usually the default is $3 but if you check out the next point below you'll find yourself some amazing deals!


We also have major promos going on all the time. For instance, we have a new promo deal called “3FREE deal” which entails that you get your first three deliveries for absolutely free! How awesome is that? MEGA AWESOME.

Now that you took some time out of your day to read this article aren’t you just parched? Same here. If only there was a way to get something delivered to you…good thing there’s an app for that. ;) 

ALSO cash me outside with some free pizza in courtesy of JoyRun, howbow dah?

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Huma Hafeez