Spoon University has officially arrived at Tec de Monterrey, and we want you on our team. We are a creative community with a sole purpose: to share our love of food. Creating content, social media management, organizing events, taking epic photos, networking, obsessed with food sound like you? If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above, and you happen to be a student at Tec de Monterrey, you're at the right place.

Applications are open now, but if you're not convinced yet, keep on reading to see the amazing things that happen when you join our chapter at Spoon University

1. Experience

If you're seeking careers in marketing, photography, or writing, this can give you a taste (pun intended) of what working life can be like. You can use this experience to polish your skills, learn new stuff, practice team work, and become more organized, among other things. It also looks pretty good on a resumé. And, let's not forget the leadership opportunities and networking with businesses around the globe. Need I say more?

2. All About the Food

We already know food is everyone's favorite thing (we'd kinda die without it too, so it's a pretty big deal). At Spoon, it's all things food all the time. From drool-worthy pictures of food, to healthy eating hacks, adulting 101, and insanely delicious recipes, your tasks will revolve around food 24/7. How's that for a dream job.

3. Connect With People From Around the World

With over 10,000 contributors from college campuses all over the world, and multiple businesses we have partnered up with, you're bound to have some pretty cool networking opportunities during your time here at Spoon. We are a growing international community, constantly in contact with each other and the world around us. Hey, it's always important to have connections with people from all over the world. Who knows, maybe next time you go to Sydney you'll find fellow Spooners to hang out with. 

4. Get Exposure

Want to reach thousands – even millions – of people of all kinds of backgrounds with your content? It's all possible at Spoon University. Your work can be as popular as this article—one of the most-viewed articles of 2015. The kind of exposure that can get your work thousands of hits can also land you your dream job. Spoon members have been picked up by Internet giants like Buzzfeed, Google, and Refinery29. They grow up so fast. 

5. Have a Blast

Fun is important too. Mixing work and fun is at the top of our list here at Spoon University. But really though, how can anything be boring when it comes to food? You'll get to plan and attend awesome events, take cool photos and videos, write articles that are relatable AF, and even get to boss people around if you sign up for one of the leadership roles. Never a dull moment. 

Now that you know all you need to know about how being a member of Spoon University can score you some serious points, you can sign up now. We hope you join us in making Spoon Tec the coolest chapter out there.