1. Connect With People All Over The Nation

pumpkin, cake, beer, pizza
Spoon University

The great thing about Spoon University is that it is not only based in UNLV, but is actually at colleges all over the nation. This makes it easy for when you need advice on anything and everything concerning food and the content your are putting out into the world, especially since we are all virtually connected through Slack

2. Go Behind The Scenes

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Annabel Rhee

Spoon University is not just about pictures of food; it involves so many other components that you could be a part of if you join! This is your chance to see what goes into writing an article, developing video content, planning a launch event, and editing photos. Best of all, you get to see all that with your UNLV Spoon Family. 

3. Develop Your Skills

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Jasmine Lim

Even if your cake making skills hold an eerie resemblance to the one above you can still join Spoon University at UNLV. Joining Spoon at UNLV will allow you to cultivate a variety of skills, including cooking, through our wide network of writers, editors, marketers, photographers, and videographers who are all connected by one common factor: FOOD. 

4. Résumé Builder

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Annabel Rhee

Let's face reality, we all need something to put on our résumé or speak about in an interview. What better experience to add than one that lets you talk about how your obsession with food has actually made you into a productive member of society? Even our founder is proud of the moment when she was finally able to say that she was "PUBLISHED"

5. EAT.

As if I needed more reasons to eat...but I'm glad I do and you can be grateful too. Joining Spoon was the best decision for my stomach because now I have an updated list of excuses to eat. "I have a recipe to write about." "I need to film a taste test." "I need to take photos at that restaurant." Take your pick. They are all valid reasons once you join Spoon.