Korean BBQ is the perfect source for a food coma but a college student's budget can't always keep up. This list is to save you from all the misses so that you can spend your money only on the hits.

1. Hobak Korean BBQ

Annabel Rhee
platter, meat
Annabel Rhee

Address: 5808 Spring Mountain Rd. #101, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Hobak Korean BBQ is easily the number one place for anyone who wants to enjoy quality beef and pork. Using Black Angus beef and Premium Heritage pork, they only serve the best for their customers. This restaurant is not an AYCE (all-you-can-eat) restaurant, however you are definitely paying for quality over quantity. The price is a bit more expensive than going to an AYCE KBBQ, but trust me, your taste buds will thank you. Whether you order the combos or items a-la-carte, included are piping hot steamed egg and spicy bean paste stew. The best selling items on the menu are the marinated skirt steak and the pork belly. What also makes this restaurant a must-visit, is their fun atmosphere and outstanding service. The theme of this restaurant dates back to the olden times in Korea (when our parents were in high school) and the uniforms worn by the servers are similar to uniforms worn by students back then. You can also see the carvers preparing your meat that will be cooked at your table. The servers do all the cooking for you so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and eat. Shoutout to all the servers because they are all super personable and great to have a conversation with! Be warned: if you come during dinner time rush, be prepared to wait at least 30 minutes, sometimes even 1.5 hours. Hobak Korean BBQ was also featured in Eater Las Vegas’ article, “The 20 Hottest Restaurants in Las Vegas Right Now” in September 2016.

2. Magal BBQ

Address: 4240 Spring Mountain Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89102

Magal BBQ is a close second since they offer similar menu items to Hobak. One thing that makes them different is that they also have the option of ordering seafood as well. Their combos include giant shrimp (and pineapple slices) which you cook over the fire and there are other delicious entrees which include seafood. This restaurant also does not take part in AYCE and therefore the quality of meat is better than what you would find at AYCE restaurants. A very popular item on the menu is the boneless short ribs. Unlike Hobak Korean BBQ, the steamed egg that Magal offers is actually cooked in your grill and it is mixed with kimchee! In the grill, there is also a side dish which is melted cheese mixed with corn. One of their side dishes is a cold acorn jelly soup which is very refreshing and the great thing is you can ask for more of the side dishes at no charge! The employees are all very friendly and helpful, and the restaurant has a very sleek and modern feel right when you walk through the doors.

3. Goong Korean BBQ Restaurant 

Jennifer Nguyen

Address: 7729 S Rainbow Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89139

In Korean, “goong” translates into “palace” and that is exactly the feel you get when you enter the restaurant. The interior is very clean with traditional decorations that would be found inside the old palaces in Korea when there was a king who ruled the land. There are two different seating options: the traditional booths which we are all accustomed to, or seating on a “lifted floor” where shoes come off and cushions are provided for your bottoms. Goong is also not an AYCE restaurant, but they use quality meat cuts as well. There is a variety of side dishes which compliment your choice of protein or seafood. I would recommend getting the aged short ribs because they are rich in flavor and very juicy with a hint of sweetness. The service is fantastic and the royal atmosphere is an added plus.

4. Gangnam Asian BBQ Dining

Address: 4480 Paradise Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89169

The best thing about Gangnam Asian BBQ is that they offer happy hour not once, but TWICE. The first time it is offered is from 3PM – 6PM and the second time for happy hour is from 10PM – Closing. The happy hour menu for food ranges from $2-$4 which is an AMAZING price for the beef, pork, or chicken with side dishes! It’s the same food but just cheaper which is always beneficial. The alcohol menu is 50% off select beer, sake, soju, and cocktails. Currently on Yelp, if you check in, you can get a free macaron ice cream sandwich. The sandwich is small, but it tastes amazing. If you come during regular hours (not happy hour), you can order items a-la-carte or through a combo. Gangnam Asian BBQ does not take part in AYCE, but that just means a higher quality meat which leads to more bang for your buck. The servers are attentive and super friendly and will bring you whatever you need.

5. Honey Pig

Address: 4725 Spring Mountain Rd. #K, Las Vegas, NV 89102

What makes this place so special is the fried rice the server cooks on the grill for you at the end of your meal using the leftover side dishes. It’s a perfect combination of hot and savory, with the meat of your choice cooked perfectly to your liking. They also sell macaron ice cream sandwiches which is obviously the best way to end your meal. I would recommend their pork belly because of how chewy and juicy the cut of meat is. Also, this place offers both AYCE and a-la-carte items as well (just a heads up, the AYCE option is only available at certain times, and after that, you can only order items a-la-carte). Another reason you should visit Honey Pig is because they are open 24/7, and in Vegas, you never know when you will be craving KBBQ. So at 4AM, if you are hungry for some really good beef or pork, or even just Korean entrees, you can make a stop at Honey Pig for some fuel.