They're the colorful rainbow sugar clumps of joy most people like on their ice cream. Yes, you guessed right, I'm talking about jimmies...or as some like to call them, sprinkles. I'm tired of people giving me looks of concern when I say "jimmies" instead of "sprinkles," so I did some research on the debate of jimmies vs sprinkles to find out if there is, indeed, a difference between the two.

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Paige Marie Rodgers

First off, it's useful to know that the term "sprinkles" has been around a lot longer than "jimmies." Sprinkles have been around since the late 18th century, while jimmies were the new kids on the block in the 1930s.

Apparently, the Just Born company (aka the company that makes marshmallow Peeps) coined the term "jimmies" in a 1930 ad for the Pittsburgh Press that talked about how a local food emporium offered a sponge cake "with creamy butter frosting and chocolate jimmies."

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Alessia Barcelo

Since the word "jimmies" was first printed in the Pittsburgh Press, the term has remained as a staple in the 'burgh as well as other Northeastern states. I know this because I'm from Pittsburgh, and it's almost weird if someone says "sprinkles" instead of "jimmies." 

Although "jimmies" will always be the right term in my heart, "sprinkles" is the correct term in my brain. I say this because I work in an ice cream shop and I know some people have no idea what "jimmies" are, so I always say "sprinkles" since it's the more universally known term.

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Christin Urso

There shouldn't be a debate for jimmies vs sprinkles because they are essentially the same thing. There is no difference between the two, it just depends on what term you decide to use. However, I still think "jimmies" sound more fun than "sprinkles," but I'll let you decide what to call this fun topping.