When I first heard about this show, I thought it was the weirdest show ever created. A virgin woman who gets pregnant? No thank you.

Time passed, and I came across the show on Netflix. I heard it had won an Emmy, so I decided to give it a try. I've been hooked ever since

So, if you love a good, strong cocktail, love playing games, and love Jane the Virgin, this drinking game is for you! 

Here are the rules:

1. Take a sip of your drink every time:

- Jane panics.

- Alba gives Jane advice.

- Alba gives Xiomara advice.

- Luisa has a flashback about her romance with Rose.

- Rogelio calls Xiomara "Xo." 

- Michael and Rogelio hang out

- Luisa and Rafael get into a fight.

- The narrator illustrates a story about someone's past.

- Xiomara has a flashback about her life as a new teen mother.

2. Chug your drink when:

- Jane cries.

- Rogelio says something about a celebrity friend.

- Rafael is in his office.

- Jane calls Mateo “Mr. Sweet Face."

- Sin Rosetro or Mutter is talked about.

- Petra's mom has a wicked plan.

- There's a scene of Rogelio filming for his latest Telenovela.

- Sin Rosetro or Mutter’s face appears.

- Luisa drinks alcohol.

3. Take a sip of your friend’s drink whenever:

- Petra is up to no good.

- Michael is at the police station.

- Jane solves a problem.

- Mateo cries.

- Jane has a flashback to Alba giving her advice.

- Jane has a great idea for her novel.

- You hear the typing of the keyboard from the narrator.

- Something happens that you didn't see coming.

- You solve a mystery before the cast does.

4. Get a new drink when:

- You start a new episode

This show has reminded me of comedy and creativity that TV shows have to offer, and now I'm happy to share it and this drinking game with you. If you already know and love this show, then I applaud you.


You can stream the first 2 seasons of Jane the Virgin on Netflix. Season 3 premieres October 17 on the CW!