Packaged snacks from childhood are one of those vices that may not be good for you but give you a good dose of nostalgia anyway. Because I grew up in Ireland, most of my comfort foods aren't readily available in the average grocery store in the United States. I'm definitely biased, but Ireland has some great snacks that you just can't match in the US. It's important to be aware that none of the snacks I mention are remotely healthy, but they do put a smile on many Irish people's faces when eaten in moderation. 

1) Tayto Crisp Sandwich

 A Tayto sandwich is the ultimate Irish snack- crispy and flavorful chips between two slices of buttered bread. When I get a hand on Tayto crisps I feel like I'm home, even if only for a moment. I'm lucky enough that there are a few Irish stores in NYC that have a bunch of Irish products, Tayto crisps being one of them.

2) Hunky Dory

Hunky Dory's are ruffled crisps that capture tons flavor in every wave. Cheddar Cheese and Spring Onion is by far the strongest flavor they offer and it's definitely a acquired taste. But, if you love your cheese and onions this is the best snack for you.

3) Mega Meanies

If you love pickled onion this snack is for you. The crisps are shaped like really cute little monsters, so it's even more fun eat.

4) Club Orange

Forget Fanta, try Club Orange and you'll never go back.

5) Jam Mallows 

Biscuit, raspberry jam, marshmallow and coconut. Grab a cup of tea and you're ready for a great snack. 

6) Twister 

A summer must-have on those "hot" days for which Ireland is so well known. They are sweet to eat and even sweeter to look at and instagram.

7) Bacon Fries

These pub snacks taste like you're actually eating bacon. It may not sound like the healthiest snack but the bags are really small so it's okay, right? In all honesty, you'll probably reach over for another bag because they are just that addicting. 

8) Jacob's Cream Crackers with Butter

Honestly, I could eat the whole packet in a day. They are an absolute must have.

9) Barry's/Lyons Tea

Everyone has their favorite tea and mine is Barry's. But Ireland has two popular rivalries: Barry's and Lyons, and the fans of each are very loyal to their brand of choice. 

10) Skips Crisps

If you want something simple, Skips are always a solid option. They are a super light and a great treat.

11) TK Lemonade

Red TK Lemonade is a hit with tons of Irish consumers. It's especially loved by older generations who grew up with the sugary drink. 

12) Cadbury Chocolate 

I mean, it's Cadbury chocolate. What more could you ask for?

13) Custard Creams 

Now these are a must have with a good cup of hot tea. The biscuit melts just at the right rate when you dip it in the tea and the cream inside gets nice and gooey. It's the perfect combination.

14) Hula Hoops

These are the most fun snack of all. When eating Hula Hoops it's impossible to resist putting one on each of your fingers and then eating them one by one. 

15) Penguin Bars 

These are one of my favorite chocolate bars; they were always hidden away in everyone's cupboard. Pro tip: the best flavor of Penguin bars is orange. 

As you can tell there are many snacks that I hold close to my heart because, healthy or not, these snacks bring back some great memories of my childhood. Being an immigrant in the US I do find it hard when I miss home. But, food always makes home feel slightly more accessible, even when I'm 2000 miles away.