So it's movie night, and you're thinking thriller or maybe comedy. You'll probably go grab a quick dinner by the theater and run over to make it in time for the opening previews. But what if you didn't have to rush? What if you could have a nice dinner, and watch the movie too?

All of this is possible without having to stay in and prepare it yourself- not that the latter is a bad option with these homemade choices.

If you think I'm kidding, you should take a trip to South Street Seaport and see for yourself. iPic Theater will spoil you unlike any other theater you've been to. You've probably seen mention of its other locations before, but the newly opened branch of the Florida-based theater chain is located at 11 Fulton St. of downtown Manhattan.

In addition to its regular seating and Express meals, iPic also offers premium tickets—a purchase which includes reclining chairs with pillow and blanket provided for ultimate comfort, and complimentary popcorn for those of you who only have an appetite for theater snacks. But what a waste that would be.

Back to that promise of dinner with your movie, iPic knows they've got a good thing going on, "Premium seats are fitted with tables, perfect for housing selections carried in from iPic Express; or have it all delivered in the Premium Plus seats featuring a table to accommodate seat-side service, direct to your chair at the touch of a call-button by ninja-like servers throughout the movie."

You can find their menu's on the website. Express menu options include staples like warm pretzels and pizza, as well as some elevated fare like New England style lobster rolls, truffle fries and assorted sliders.

And the dine-in menu is no less enticing. Shrimp cocktails and spicy tuna on rice serve as some classy apps while dinner can include pulled pork grilled cheese sliders or caprese panini and some very good-looking desserts like chocolate s'mores or toffee cake.

And did I mention they also serve drinks?

This fabulous menu comes courtesy of pastry chef Sherry Yard, and if I were you, I'd check it out soon. Winter is coming and the idea of walking around from location to location is increasingly less satisfying than finding a one-stop-shop (or in this case one-stop-boutique) for your needs. 

Go ahead, treat yo'self.