It's important to follow a variety of accounts on Instagram, especially when it comes to food. I follow everything from health accounts (@earthyandy) to food accounts with major aesthetic vibes (@girlswithgluten) to downright drool-worthy FoodPorn (@thenaughtyfork). But (fair warning) you haven't seen it all until you've seen @thisinsidercheese.

Why follow @thisinsidercheese on Instagram? Here's a taste of what you'll see when scrolling through their feed. Need I say more?

Expose Yourself To New Restaraunts 

Not only is this grade A FoodPorn, but @thisinsidercheese exposes you to new restaraunts in (and outside) your area. Whether you're looking for hip, new spots in your area, or want to undergo a fun day trip, the digs featured on this 'gram are both casual and worth the stop!

Excite Your Creative Side In The Kitchen

@thisinsidercheese will also incentivize you to experiment in the kitchen. I was shocked to see that my two favorite late-night snacks (pizza and spinach dip) could be fused into one.

It made me realize that pizza shouldn't be confined to the typical pepperoni and sausage combo. If both spinach dip and tacos can successfully executed, I can't imagine other possible combinations!

Become A Cheese Connoisseur

Most of all, @thisinsidercheese will make you the expert on all things cheese. Know the difference between Raclette and Aligot? What does the process of cheese actually look like, start to finish? Cheese is an art, and the mastery of it requires not only eating it, but knowing its origins. 

At the end of the night when you're laying in bed scrolling through the 'gram, you will be lulled to sleep by the ooey-gooeness of @thisinsidercheese. Now, you can't dis-a-brie with that!