Do you with struggle with seeing in the dark? Do you often get sick and catch different diseases? Before you try to accept having a weak immune system and vision problems, ask yourself if you get enough Vitamin A in your diet. 

Vitamin A is crucial for normal body function, as it plays an important role in immune function, reproduction, bone growth, vision, skin health and cell growth. It can make a real difference to your well-being and overall health.

Katie Austin

There are two forms of Vitamin A: beta carotene and active Vitamin A. Active Vitamin A comes from animal-derived foods. As it is already formed, it can be used directly by your body without having to be converted to Vitamin A first. 

Beta-carotene, on the other hand, comes from colourful fruits and vegetables. It needs to be converted into Vitamin A before it can be used by your body.

To prevent Vitamin A deficiency, it is important to have a well-balanced diet, high in fruits and vegetables, rather than taking Vitamin A supplements. Here are some of the best Vitamin A-rich foods you should add to your daily meals. 

1) Carrot

arugula, carrot, lettuce, vegetable, salad
Annelise Vought

2) Sweet Potato

yam, carbohydrate, sweet potato, potato, pasture, tuber, vegetable
Lily Allen

3) Kale

lettuce, salad, vegetable
Kristine Mahan

4) Spinach

spinach, vegetable, salad, lettuce, basil, relish, herb
Kristine Mahan

5) Apricot

loquat, apple, juice, vegetable, pasture
Elizabeth Layman

6) Broccoli

pasture, kale, cabbage, broccoli, vegetable
Jenny Georgieva

7) Butter

milk, cheese, butter, dairy product, sweet, dairy, margarine
Caty Schnack

8) Eggs

egg yolk, chicken, egg
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It is important to note that Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, which is stored in your body for long periods of time. Therefore, it is also important to not consume too much of it, as overconsumption can lead to Vitamin A toxicity. If you suspect that you are deficient in Vitamin A, talk to your doctor before getting any Vitamin A supplements.

Vitamin A can make a world of a difference to your well-being. It can also make you a better student, as you will rarely get sick and not bump into foreign objects in the dark. Take good care of your body, because you deserve to be healthy.