The Big Bang Theory has been a fan favorite on CBS, and has been running for 10 seasons (still going strong)! Even though the show is primarily about the lives of 4 scientists/comic book nerds, there's a lot of talk of food throughout (from Sheldon's favorite spaghetti with cut-up hotdogs to Penny being a waitress at The Cheesecake Factory), so I set out to determine what each character from my favorite show would be as a food. 

Sheldon: Sour Patch Kids

candy, sweet, gelatin, sweetmeat, goody
Christina Simone

Sour Patch Kids are known to start off as sour, and then, after you give them some time, you realize they're actually sweet! The same goes for the beloved Sheldon Cooper. At first glance, he seems a little sour and mean (if you have any doubts, check out ANY The Big Bang Theory episode that involves someone taking *his spot*), but once you get to know him, you realize he's just a big softie who needs to have "Soft Kitty" sung to him (and to be honest, don't we all need that once in a while?). 

Leonard: Almond Milk 

milk, cream, coffee, sweet, yogurt, almond
Yonatan Soler

Leonard, like almond milk, has been around for a while, but no one has taken much notice. Even though this dairy-substitute has existed for years, it hasn't been until recently (hello Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato at Starbucks) that almond milk has become popular amongst lactose tolerant and intolerant folks alike (Leonard being apart of the latter, of course). Similarly, Leonard took a back seat to the rest of the cast for the first few seasons, but after uncovering his history with his mother, getting engaged to Penny, and even having an affair with a coworker on a ship, it's clear that Leonard is one to watch. 

Penny: Açai Bowl 

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Taylor Berlinsky

From her constantly on-point style, to her stunning and risky haircut in Season 8 of The Big Bang Theory, it's clear that Penny is trendy and not afraid of the spotlight. Similarly, açai bowls have become all the rage in these last few years, and are definitely what comes to mind when you think of trendy foods. Penny and açai bowls are two things that are definitely not going to go out of style anytime soon. Now, if all of this talk of açai bowls has you craving one (like I am right now), here are the best places in LA to find one. 

Raj: Chocolate Soufflé

chocolate, cake, cream, mousse, souffle, sweet, coffee
Photo courtesy of Chef Dalia Jurgensen

I think we can all agree that chocolate soufflés are amazing, in part because they have a hard exterior but a melty, gooey, inside. That's kind of like Raj. On the outside (especially when talking to women, which he has a fear of doing), Raj appears tough like any other guy. However, once you break his shell, he is melty, sappy, and loves Sandra Bullock and rom-com movies just as much as any girl. Plus, Raj is a whiz as an astrophysicist and a baker; whipping up his own chocolate soufflé (which ends up as a lava cake) for his friends in the episode "The Transporter Malfunction". 

Howard: Brisket 

pork, chocolate, brisket
Photo courtesy of @4riverssmokehouse on Instagram

Throughout the course of the show, Howard is known for three things: always trying to pick up women, being an astronaut, and his mom's famous brisket that he seems to carry around all the time. Howard can't get enough of brisket, from bringing it on a camping trip in the episode "The Adhesive Duck Deficiency " to making it the star of his Thanksgiving Tur-briska-fil dish, so it's a no-brainer that Howard is best represented by this delicious beefy dish. 

Amy: Avocados

avocado, bread
Kaitlin Wheeler

Since the birth of avocado-toast and the world's newfound obsession with guac, avocados have recently come into the spotlight (so much so that people freaked out when there was a shortage ). Along with it's trendy uses and fabulous Instagram *aesthetic*, avocados are known to be a brain food. Amy Farrah Fowler is like an avocado because she too has recently become a main character in the show, and is now a fan-favorite. Plus, Amy is a neurobiologist, so it makes sense that she be represented with brain food! 

Bernadette: Jalapeño Poppers

vegetable, rice, pepper, jalapeno
Photo by Molly Gamache

Jalapeño poppers are tiny, unsuspecting hors d'oeuvres that pack a punch. Similarly, Bernadette is a petite, seemingly innocent Catholic girl, but once you get to know her, she is fiery and strong (so much so that her coworkers are scared of her, like in the episode "The Champagne Reflection"). But, like jalapeño poppers, which have a combination of cream cheese and spicy peppers that compliment each other in the end, Bernadette is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy.