A Detroit-based food app has finally reached Ann Arbor to tell you more about your go-to restaurants, so I feel that it’s my responsibility to give you the lowdown. Introducing Grubbable, a local food app designed to help college students, like us, make conscious eating possible for reasons other than just convenience and cost.

This app helps customers find restaurants that serve locally sourced and sustainable foods and helps you learn about where your food comes from.

Let's be honest...

Many of us are guilty of hearing the words “farm-raised” or “organic” and immediately feeling like health gurus that basically just ate off of the farm. But, many of us are also guilty of not even knowing what these words mean or why they are important for our health. 

With Grubbable, you’ll know what it means for food ingredients to be farm-raised or organic. You'll also be given the menu of a chosen restaurant, hours of operation, website, phone number, reviews, and whether its ingredients are local or natural. It also rewards users with at least a 10% discount on all main courses at participating restaurants. Juicy Kitchen? Jolly Pumpkin? Yes and yes.

How much do you really know?

Couldn’t we all use an app like this in our lives? Take this Buzzfeed quiz and find out how much you really know about your favorite Ann Arbor eats. Whether you ace that quiz or quit halfway through, it reminds all of us that where our food comes from is just as important as what is in it.

As we continue with our health-conscious News Years resolutions, I think that we could give ourselves one easier way of being accountable and mindful in how we eat. If you’re ready for the free download, click here to get started. Support your favorite local restaurants, practice conscious eating, and support your health.