Now that football season is back, that means one thing -tailgating. And us Big 10 teams take that VERY seriously. As we all know, game day includes good food, best friends and various drinks. After a long day of cheering on your favorite team, you get a little hungry. So why not put together the Big 10 teams and your favorite late night drunk foods? 

No matter what team you root for, you can agree that all these foods are pretty good. So here's a list of what each Big 10 East team would be as your favorite drunk foods. 

1. The Ohio State University: McDonald's 

We all have that one friend who always suggests eating McDonald's after a night out. It's the place that you love to hate -  it's absolutely disgusting, yet somehow so good. Whether you refer to the $1 menu as a dollar or a buck, there is defiantly no coincidence that Ohio State is known as the "Buck"eyes!

2. University of Michigan: Calzone

Having the largest stadium in the country, Michigan deserves the biggest and fattiest drunk food on the market. The stadium is packed full on game day just like a jam packed calzone. Filled with anything you imagine - from mac and cheese filled to hamburger filled - this fried dream is big and bold enough to feed anyones drunk needs. 

3. Rutgers University: Disco Fries

Nothing says Jersey quite like Disco Fries. For those of you who are not familiar with the New Jersey native food, Disco Fries are french fries topped with brown gravy and melted mozzarella cheese. If that doesn't scream late night snacking, I don't know what does. 

4. Penn State University: Appetizer Platter  

Nothing is more classic than Penn State Football, and I may or may not be a little bit biased. When you think of a college tailgate, you think of the Nittany Lions and their loyal fans. PSU is big, loud, and always in your face - kind of like a late night appetizer sampler. Filled with mozzarella sticks, mac and cheese bites, jalapeño poppers, or whatever else you want, you won't need anything else! Leave it to the Nittany Lions to satisfy all your game day fun just like an appetizer platters fills our drunk hunger needs! 

5. Michigan State: Frozen Pizza Rolls 

It's not quite the University of Michigan but it is still in Michigan, so try not to get confused. Michigan State is one big school that seems to be overshadowed by anther really big school. But, the Spartans won't let that bring them down, just like frozen food - it may not be the real thing, but we love 'em anyways. 

6. Indiana University: Milkshakes

The one thing I know about Indiana is that it is located in the Mid West. For some reason that makes me think of the All-American, girl/boy next store milkshake dive. After cheering on the Hoosiers for a day, why not grab a refreshing milkshake?

7. University of Maryland: Chinese Takeout

I don't know about you, but I sometimes am guilty of forgetting Maryland is apart of the Big 10 East conference. Chinese takeout isn't usually the first drunk food I think to order after a night out. Just like Maryland, when I do remember it, it never seems to disappoint.

No matter where you like to spend you Saturday nights after game day, make sure to choose your drunk snacks wisely. Just like each BIG 10 East school, each food has a personality of its own. I wouldn't mind a nice appetizer sampler for my late night snack, but I may be just a little bit bias.