If you've seen the new movie, "Love, Simon," then you know that Simon pretty much has the same prodigious love of food as any other teenager. Like he mentions in the trailer, he downs iced coffee on the daily and gorges on carb-filled breakfast foods. (Literally me.) But while it may not be obvious in the movie, there is actually one food he considers superior to both coffee and waffles: Oreos, America's favorite cookie.

Photo courtesy of Love, Simon

According to Simon in the book the movie is based on,  Oreos "absolutely qualify as a food group" and are "the ONLY food group that matters." So it makes sense he would project his love for Oreos to all his friends and family, and even more, assign them each a flavor that best fits their personality.

Leah: Double Stuf

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Torey Walsh

Considered Simon's oldest BFF, Leah has a huge heart for her friends and always goes to them first whenever she has some new gossip to share. Yet, she also believes she's destined to love one person so intensely, and just like a Double Stuf Oreo, she has a lot more layers to her than meets the eye. 

Nick: Dunkin' Donuts Mocha

Simon's best guy friend can't help but make his friends shake their heads and laugh over his obscure dreams involving European soccer stars. Then again, you can say Nick's humor keeps the friend group grounded like ground coffee. (Pun totally intended.)

Abby: Pumpkin Spice

Given her bold and vibrant personality, Abby definitely adds a little more spice to any hang out. It's just a funny coincidence that Simon met her in the fall of his senior year, aka pumpkin spice season

Emily: Berry Burst Ice Cream

Seeing that Simon's mom works in a health-related field, it isn't uncommon for her to spurt a few bursts of nutritional opinion at the breakfast table. But that is nothing compared to her bursts of mom opinion, reminding Simon that she'll always love him no matter what.

Jack: S'mores

Simon's dad might as well be the conductor of the nostalgia train, reminiscing over old times when making a home movie for him and his wife's anniversary. Maybe he'll drive the train back to the good ol' summer camp days, too, filled with s'mores and campfire tunes.

Nora: Cookie Dough

The baker of the family, Nora would surely be a Cookie Dough Oreo. After all, what other flavor epitomizes the greatest baked good on the planet?

Martin: Cookies & Creme

In all due respect, there is probably no person more extra than Martin Addison. (I mean, he interrupted the national anthem before his school's homecoming game to ask Abby out on a date.) Surely, his extra-ness matches the extra-ness of a Cookies & Creme Oreo, better known as the Oreo-flavored version of the sandwich cookie.

Ethan: Mint

Ethan never ceases to have a witty comment at the tip of his tongue, and without a doubt, his one-liners always carry the same sharpness as anything mint. 

Bram: Halloween

Out of all his friends, Simon probably knows the least about Bram, leaving him a little bit of a mystery. However, he does know Bram loves Halloween Oreos, and it seems fitting considering Halloween has its own mysterious rep.

Simon: Classic

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Anna Arteaga

He says he's just like you, doesn't he? Simon may be gay, but he's still the same down-to-earth guy his friends and family grew up with. In other words, he's still classic Simon—he just needs to find the courage to tell everyone his "huge ass secret."