As Halloween approaches, what’s better than food with villains and ghosts. If you’re looking for cute, easy treats that all of your guests will be devouring over, look no further than this list of the best Halloween theme treats from Spoon.

1. Halloween Pretzels

cake, chocolate
Lucy Todhunter

Sweet, salty and easy to make. Enough said.

2. Candied Caramel Apples

caramel, chocolate, cake
Natalie Chuang

This brings together everything that makes Fall great: apples, caramel, and Halloween candy.

3. Candy Corn Cookies

Emily Gordon

Candy corn isn’t just good by itself, it’s even better in a cookie.

4. Vegan Candy Corn 

Morgan Nielsen

Fear not vegans, you can have this candy corn.

5. Candy Corn Blondies

Grace Smith

If blondies are more your thing, this recipe is for you.

6. Candy Corn Cupcakes

pumpkin, vegetable, squash
Vitoria Freitas

You can even put candy corn in cupcakes.

7. Halloween Cupcakes 

peanut butter, butter, peanut, chocolate, buttercream
Jaime Wilson

If you're sure you're not into candy corn, I've still got you covered.

8. No Bake Witches Hats

chocolate, candy, cake, sweet, cream
Amy Henson

This recipe takes away the fear of burning down your house.

9. Spooky Sweet Spiders

chocolate, cake, candy, sweet
Luna Zhang

The cure for your arachnophobia.

10. Chocolate Chip Dracula Cookies 

cookie, candy, sweet, bread, cake, chocolate, pastry
Lucy Todhunter

Who said cookies can't be scary too?

11. Popcorn Halloween Hands

popcorn, corn
Erin Livingston

Your treats don't have to be sweet to be scary.

12. Halloween Frozen Boo-nana Ghosts

cream, chocolate, cannoli
Emily Goldman

...Or unhealthy for that matter.

13. Spooky Brain Shots

yogurt, milk, ice
Evan Caligor

And last but certainly not least, Halloween isn't just about desserts. Drinks like this one can help spook your guests too.